Monday, October 27, 2014

Update for End of October 2014 and November 2014

There are a few things to discuss. Let me get to it. First things first, if you noticed I have not been writing a blog for awhile. Don't be disappointed. I will return with blogs and I have a lot on the horizon. I am working on completed six books for the Amazon Kindle in topics such as on Social Groups, The Zen Path, Birth Order, and a short story play I have written in high school I will release.

I also will be releasing a lot of video that you might be interested in related to these books.

I am undergoing a transformation and I'm growing. Before I had no clear cut idea for a business, but I was experimenting with tools. Now I have an idea and a business model and I am more established. I will do four kinds of ebooks the next year after I finish up on what I'm working on.

I will work on books related to Social Groups or Relationships, self help or inspiration, business and online marketing, or fiction books.

I feel thanks to your ongoing supports that I am working on more stuff, but first before I get to the new material, I am getting to the older stuff to give you a taste of what I am capable of.

I promise you. You won't be disappointed with the material I will put out and if you have a suggestion of what you want me to work on please put it on the comment section below and I will put it on the writing list.

I want to work on the material that you want and I will put it out. Give me an idea and I will put it out.

There is a lot on the horizon and in 2015 two months from now. We will be in business.

 For finding out more information about my other books click on this link below.

To learn more about promoting my books click below.

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