Sunday, March 8, 2015

#DancingMan and his Courage

I'd figure I write a post on #DancingMan. I'd figure I have something to say about his efforts. I remember going to night clubs some time when a band was playing and I was nervous to dance in public. I always thought I had to have had a woman to dance with to be cool. That was my assumption. This would make woman feel insecure because of my insecurities. I'd had to face the fear of being scrutinized with my friends and others I didn't know.

Dancing in public can be brutal especially if your the object that can be made fun of. I respect #DancingMan. I don't know much about him but from the picture it looks like no one is there to be his friend before until now. And he faced those fears which should be respected by everyone and should be an encouragement to Dance and enjoy life.

We should not be afraid to dance and when we get older we lose sight of that and our music disappears. Everybody is granted a gift even if it is one moment in time and this is one moment for him.

It gets me upset that people still get bullied. I remember I was once bullied in life and it lowers your self esteem. You feel you are not worth it. You face life getting upset at others or lifes circumstances. And as Rocky said in Rocky Balboa, "Life can be a cruel world and it will beat you down if you let it." You have to be willing to persevere no matter what challenge you face in life and there are many.

I just wish I could have been there to stick up for #DancingMan. He doesn't deserve to be ridiculed for doing something he loves, but we are trained to never face our fears and be afraid. I hope this party that they throw #DancingMan heals the damage that was done to him and from what they are doing for him. He is in good company.
And #DancingMan if you read this blog. Never be afraid to dance and never be afraid of who you are. It's what makes you who you are in life. Keep doing what you love. Never be tied down by life or by something you don't like. You were meant for something more and through your experience you could share your experiences.

 And I'll throw it out there if you want I'll write a book about your experiences. I would do something that I enjoy doing and that's writing. And I was laughed at in school for it before, but I did it anyway. Plus I need a book that will put money in my pocket. I'm a struggling writer and I'm struggling to earn a buck. I would split the profits with you and if you want we could raise money for a charity of your cause. It is good to give back as others are doing for you again I want to thank you #DancingMan you are an inspiration keep dancing.

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