Monday, March 13, 2017

Getting Prepared for the Storm of Finance and Debt

Getting Prepared for the storm once again. No telling how bad the storm will be or what will happen. But from what I can tell about storms is I had a very bad storm that had lasted for months and this was financial. Many of us go through storms and when one area is in disconnect everything else is out of disconnect. So I have not been the same. When people ask for help financially it is not easy and as long as they have an agreement to honor their debt it is good. But the hardship when you are not prepared is even worse and this has been the calamity of my predicament for months.

And now we have a storm that is coming and is on its way. I survived the Winter and this saves me another day this storm that is coming. And I await a tax refund from the state that could help save me and get me back on track granted if they give that money that I need without delay. Even as little as it may seem this check could help me get back on my feet and I can actually rebuild after going through the fierce storms I have faced financially from July to March of this year. I have struggling and had money either taken from me or I have loaned and it has not been easy. Everyone asking me why I am broke all the time and why I have no money when I have no job. It has been humiliating to me.

People who have criticized me for angry blogs don't know what pain I went through and everything that I have overcome. They want things cookie cutted and crisp when it is a matter of the storms we all face. It is so easy to criticize someone who is posting angry stuff as I was rather then actually looking at their lives and seeing what they could fix.

This past year was very difficult for me and because I have not been financially secure and I couldn't be where I wanted to be and the angry blogs took over. For those who didn't know I was criticized heavily so I have been very secretive lately and this is a shame and this is why problems happen. When you don't trust anyone because the mistrust that was initially done to you it affects you and it burns you. And this summer wasn't the first time I was burned with money and you know who you are. That is why I set boundaries with money now. I shouldn't be taken advantage of or scammed like many now a days. And it doesn't matter if it is someone out of the country or even your best friend which I was before. I was scammed because I didn't care about myself and I was taken advantage of. As people still feel taking advantage of me and this is why I have trust issues with people and money.

Meanwhile people are able to live on their own or get whatever they want with my help. And I am still living with my parents. Had my friend might have not destroyed my self esteem that was already broken many years ago, I would have not been in this situation I was in, but I am just starting over financially and I still live with my parents and I am broke. This is the storm that I am going through.

I would have helped anyone and I still would, but who would help me financially when I am down, but my parents with a lecture, and three friends who help because I am Uber to them.

I won't forget about those people who were there for me when I was down financially. This was the nature of the list in the beginning for those who with to know. And for those who say let it go, they have to understand everyone who took something from me burned me in some kind of way. I came back asking for money for a friend who said I cant prove anything and won't give any money back because of what it was. It turns out he never was my friend, I was only used.

Money is something that should be respected. When you loan money, you should pay it back. But when we are without money, we shouldn't be left to fend for ourselves as I almost was. It goes to show you what people had care. And it goes to show with giving.

Just like there is a law of Karma, there is a Law of Money, it shall be returned to you only have faith. Money should be honored and paid back. Anyone who doesn't is dishonorable. They are very selfish. Perhaps I have been that way before to others, but that will change. There are debts that I can not honor right now because it is too much we are forever in debt and when we have little we can not get ahead. And we are forever behind.

And many of us have been taken advantage of financially, many don't have respect anymore they don't see that value and don't know what is being done. Many feel powerless and we are forever in debts of others, but debts are something that can help people on their path and know the lesson that we have to be faithful for our debts. It is easy to get the money, but it is hard to pay up. I understand the nature of credit cards. Just by lending money.

This is why we do what we have to do to be free. Financially honor the people who have helped you and be mindful of the people who haven't and lend if you can but remind them of who helped them. I know you don't want to give when you don't have money, but that is when you are demanded the most these are the life lessons that you learn along the way.

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