Sunday, March 19, 2017

I'm Thinking About Writing a Blog and I wrote one on Family, Religion and being a Designated Driver

I don't know what I'm going to write for this blog so here it goes. If the first sentence goes as the rest of this goes I truly don't know where it is going and it will be a long blog. It is like the second sentence, it will even be a longer blog. If it is like the third, you are probably getting annoyed like me and wondering where this blog will go because I don't know yet.

Perhaps I am Procrastinating. Perhaps I don't even feel like doing this blog today, but I am writing for the hell of it. Perhaps I woke up and said I love my job like Triple H on Raw and decided to write, when deep down inside what I was going to write today is going to be out right crappy. And Perhaps I don't know what to write about because I don't watch the news anymore because it is all crap as the stresses in this life.

So by this time I have had some compelling meaning to my blog entry. It is now not crappy. I cut a shoot on the news. I cut a shoot on Triple H being happy about his job with a smile on his face, I even said crap. Now your thinking where is this going. What does Triple H and being happy with your job have every thing to do with the news and what will turn this crappy blog into mediocre or eventually a great blog.

When People have a boss to tell them to be "Happy about their jobs." They aren't because they want something better they don't want to settle. They want to rise above their situation. They want to excel to greatness. They want to be the movers and shakers of the world. On a small scale or even a big scale. Some don't have that plan and they come home everyday to watch what is going on wrong with the world rather is something to do with ISIS or whatever organization group, or Donald Trump, government or whoever is in office in the time. The fact is I don't like watching even though I am told I should, but I get reactive when I do. The fact is the only way to change the world is change ourselves first and when we don't and we are angry at others such as me and everyone else we have that problem show on the other side of the world.

Here is what I will say, when one person suffers, we all suffer. When we see a homeless man on the street we feel we don't want to help because we are to scared and don't want to do anything I have been there as everyone has, but that homeless man is us trying to find a way home. Some have given up and some fight. We don't know what is going on in the other side of the world and many might want to retaliate towards us for harms of the past as with life. I am not saying one way is better then the other, but we need to heal America, before we accept the worlds problems in until we can rebuild and create an environment that is ready to help. Destroying the enemy won't do much because it works as Karma, know those sins will be returned.

America is a country who has lost their sense of faith, some people have it, but it is weak. And when their is no balance, new structure need to be created and the old needs to fall. This means EVERY RELIGIOUS FAITH needs a shake up they are dying or they are killing themselves or others because they are angry. People like me lost faith in the church because we live it everyday and we don't need to be preached to about it because we live under fire everyday. We have grown up with it. We have priests pushing agendas it is not right. And we are at war.

The reason why I don't go to church any more and practice myself is because the Church doesn't practice the Jesus I know and no church does. The Jesus I know was a rebel. He broke systems down. He said why do you still practice the old ways and not change in the church. He took care of the sick when they said not to care for them. He stood up against people of authority and he challenged them. And he did it as a Peaceful Warrior as Dan Millman would say.

And the Church doesn't respect his words, they take advantage of the sick. Maybe they help sometimes, but for those who are down and suffering where are they.

Where was any church in my time of need and this goes with any church financially. And they saw me making many posts about my financial dilemma and no one was there except family and friends at time to help. And I had tithed to them before. But when people do give it to me if they do it'll be to late we will be on our feet. But my family as many have been suffered.

And it's not that. My parents have tithed all their life, but my parents and I have suffered and my brother and his family to financially and where were they to help where was anyone. All because I was suffering.

I will say when I get on my feet. I will make sure my family will get on their feet. Because my family gave their last change for me to go out and I respect them for that.

Sometimes life goes through a challenge and you have to honor that challenge no matter what it is. I was always disrespectful when I was younger. I was angry for my past. I was hurt and that hurt showed its ugly head this past year. But I know that my family cared about me.

Family will be there to, when you are bleeding they are there to bleed with you to. But sometimes you have to be stripped of the bare essentials before you can grow again. As I have.

This experience without money as angry as I have been has taught me to grow stronger. You know who you are when you drive someone to point A to point B and they are drunk and they spend $100 on alcohol and for others yet they can't even give you $5 for gas or the week when it's gone on for two weeks and they say they don't have any money when you are the designated driver. Uber or a Taxi costs more you know. I depended on that money for the week. You pay respect to the driver. I'm the one guaranteeing that you get home safe even when I hear drunk chatter in the car distracting me from doing what needs to be done on the road. You don't realize this for those who spent $100 on beer but I am responsible for your safety anything happens to you or me and I lose my license I may lose my job and I can't afford to do that. Being a designated driver I take on responsibilities and you have to respect that. I don't ask for much but give me money for the week. You know who you are.

I said I didn't know what I was going to write about I was going to write I was going to be funny, but I released and vented and I came out with some stuff I didn't know I was frustrated about.

Thank you for letting me vent in a way it has been therapeutic. I didn't know what I was going to write about, but I did an old writing exercise and it turned out to be a decent blog with content. Feel free to comment or Post I would like to here your comments. Until next time take care.

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