Saturday, December 22, 2012

Opening Blog

It is one day after the end of the Mayan calander and it is a good day to start this blog. I've started other blogs before, but never followed through to make it well known. I plan on changing it with this blog. I have a lot on the horizon next year. I have a book written that I plan on making it an ebook to start off with. I have another book of poetry that I'm working on which should be out sometime next year. Both books will be ebooks. I will go into detail about them as weeks progress. This is a start of what I hope to be to be an informative blog. I will start to discuss about the first book I've written in upcoming blogs. I will discuss the book, the characters and a little about what made the book what it is. This blog will have a lot more of my writing on it. Enjoy and good luck with your journey.

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