Monday, March 24, 2014

The Love For Food: An Interview with Carole Burde Semel

            Food is a love for many. It can be the life or death of many. Especially when you have donuts, death by chocolate, cakes and other foods. It can also have healthy aspects to such as pasta, salads, and fruits. Food has been ingrained in our culture and how it is prepared makes it more special. I’m not a cook or a chef, but I appreciate how food feels in my stomach and sometimes it feels good and sometimes not, it all depends on what I have.
            In this interview I did with Carole Burde Semel, she has been many things with the food industry and has had her impact felt. She discussed with me her background and her love for food. She mentioned her time with Family Circle Magazine and McCalls Magazine. Also, her catering business and now her time teaching and working at Jenny Craig. She has done a lot to inspire others with her appreciation for food and teach others who share that same passion as her. Here is the interview.
            I first asked Carol where she went for her education.
            She stated, “I went to Pratt Institute and Graduate School in Penn State where I received a Master’s Degree in Food & Nutrition.”
            I then asked her about the passion she has for food.
            She said, “Even when she was a kid, she had a passion for food. She always knew what she wanted to do in life.” Her passion grew when she took Home Economics in school. This was the beginning of her passion or dream to come true.
            Carole then discussed about where she worked in the past concerning food. She stated, “She worked for McCalls Magazine and then The Family Circle Magazine where she worked in a test kitchen. She was writing recipes for the magazines and also, she was preparing foods and making them look good for the photographer.”
            She then discussed her own catering business. Carole said, “My business is called Catering By Carole and I hire anyone who is interested in cooking.” She likes catering for happy occasions.
            Another thing she discussed was about where she teaches.
            She said, “I teach cooking classes at parties to kids who are interested in cooking and also teach at the King Supermarket.”
            Also, another thing I asked was an important question about foods and about diabetes and other health concerns. What does Carole do to help others with these problems?”
            Carole said, “With diabetes, you have to be careful.Diabetes – they should eat less sugar and carbs and more protein, vegetables, whole grain and fruit.”
            This led to her discussing another job that she has now and that is that she works at Jenny Craig. Carole helps people lose weight to become healthier.
            I asked, “What is her favorite dish to prepare?
            She stated, “As much as I like to help making people healthy, her favorite dish to make is Ice Cream Cake. She also likes making deserts, cakes and cookies.”   
            Then she discussed what she uses for research for her cooking.
            Carole said, “I use old recipes from the past and certain cookbooks. She tests and retests and tweaks her food to her liking and changes it so a piece of her is in the food.”
            Carole also added where she thinks she got her passion from cooking from. She said she thinks she got it from her Great Grandmother in Poland. She had liked Bakery and had her own bakery business.
            Carole Burde Semel was a delight to interview. She stated she has a book out to sell called Cook Like a Caterer and can be reached at for catering or if you want to purchase a copy of the book. Her website is for her catering business.
            Carole gave me a new perspective of food and had me look at food from her perspective. Sometimes the foods that taste great are hard to give up, but are so damn good to give up. Food can make you feel good or even sick depending on what you eat or how you eat it and if it is prepared right. The great cooks know this secret to food. My mom has cooked me food my whole life. Sometimes she makes mistakes and a lot of the time her food is great. That’s how it is with being a cook. Even though Carole is not my mom, they both share that passion for food. And Carole’s passion stands out. And since chances are my mom used recipes from The Family Circle, Carole is one good cook and has great recipes. Everyone should appreciate her cooking and all she has done for the food industry. Her love for food shows in all her work.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Introducing My New Segment on this Blog: What Am I Grateful For?

I'm going to introduce to everybody a new segment on this blog, it's called What Am I Grateful For? This segment I once had on my wordpress blog when I was writing blog's on wordpress. Now I bring it to over on Spirit Coffee.

With this segment What am I Grateful For? It is good to be appreciative of what we have in life. Sometimes we take for granted many things in life and we complain about many things. We complain about our family, friends, our religion, our economy and many things. All the time beauty is around us.

For example, I may see the mess in my room or stuff that I own, but in reality it contains beauty and accomplishment. I bought or accumulated all those books which had helped me. Those DVDs that I bought which supply me with an infinite amount of entertainment and wrestling which I enjoy watching. An ipad which helps me watch the WWE Network.

They say there are gems in a mess and I believe that as the truth. That's why I am working on looking at things half full rather than half empty. It's a start to my new perspective and I'm seeing things more clearer then before. It is part of the reason why I am adding this section to the blog. It is a reminder of what I am appreciative in life.

We might get discouraged at our role in society, but we should look at the bigger picture. With looking at the scope of the bigger picture we see what the world is missing and what it could use and know whatever role we do, we are serving a greater purpose.

There are many things to appreciate and I plan on showing my appreciation to the things I enjoy with this segment of the blog. Be on a look out for more of this segment What Am I Grateful For?

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