Sunday, August 24, 2014

Change to End the Summer and Society Transition

With Summer almost finished I have to touch base with my readers of this blog. I took a break from writing blogs for the summer and I have been busy with work, but I want to touch base with you. Besides the fact that I have been busy with work, I just started to learn how to play the guitar. I know how to play a few strings and a few chords, but not a full song. I am learning slowly.

This is what I want to talk about and that is starting something new. There is a learning curve and you don't master it right away. There is work involved in doing something and as irony would have it where I work I am getting a new store manager for the store which is another thing that happened this Summer. There is change and big change. You get comfortable with how things are done and then you have to be prepared for a change that is unexpected, but you know is coming. In away society is going through this change as well.

And it's the society that the baby boomers will fear is going take place and this is putting society in the hands of my generation, the bicentennial babies to the Coleco Vision generation. It's this generation that will take over and unlike any other society change as I read in an article online this may be the last generation to remember how life was before the internet and the technological boom. This is why some of the baby boomers fear us. They held on and hoarded their power. They have built a society that revolutionized the world. It was them that said as Michael Douglas said in Wall Street, "Greed is Good." It's was them that put the vision in all of us to consume and we swam in it. Our homes are now fill with junk.

We think speed is great and it is like we are on a race to change the world, but we need to slow down and change the structures of the world. We need to catch up with technology and The next generation needs to take over. The boomers represent the last of a long line of people and they even changed to with society. They are what represented the old world and this new generation being born in the new world. However, my generation is needed to bridge that gap. We are young. We know technology. And most importantly, we remember how life was before.

The next generation needs to be reminded of how it was before. It is a dying society and it needs its respect. We don't communicate any more and are afraid to stand up and say what we feel for scrutiny. We fear to change that status quo. I remember a time where we weren't afraid. And we have been complacent. One person told me yesterday don't be afraid to approach anybody when their is injustice referring to management. We are often afraid to approach our leaders and we need to remember what this country is founded on.

USA was founded on the fact that you could stand up and fight for what you believe in and challenge if you didn't like what you like about the United States. Back then it was 13 colonies, but we got greedy and had to conquer and take over the world with philosophy and ideology. Just like they did with the Natives of the the land and now they are doing it over seas. We fear for them to kill us when we are fighting wars over ideological reason. But we lost our heart a long time ago. Do we remember how it was like to be a country who wanted to stand up and fight for our freedom, but we have it easier now and have it all. Do we have it all?

In this world I was born in I learned to be tough. I was in two schools that teased or picked on me. My brother and I were in constant competition where I constantly lost and even later with friends where I constantly lost. But I was not a loser. I learned to keep fighting no matter what challenge I learned to adapt. But I regret adapting. Just to please others for what. Just because what I did wasn't good enough. Well I fought. What I do might not be good enough for them, but I learned to fight with my spirit. I learned to fight with my words. I learned to write. I may have about 20 people reading these blogs, but that is 20 people that could spread the change. The change I experienced this Summer.

I was hell bent on spreading success stuff and it is important, but I have to ask What are we Striving Towards? To consume more. Whatever happened to our values. Whatever happened to a society where we fought and maybe we are fighting now, but on the surface we still have a society that criticizes and bullies people for being different. You know Fox News. Standing up for what you believe in is what made society great. And this is what is needed for change. And just as the German saw what they had been doing in the Concentration Camps. We have to see what we are doing overseas and see if it is actually a humane thing. The fact is we need to be humbled. We don't need a war, but we need to truly see what they don't want us to see. We need those blinders to be removed.

Perhaps we are on a society of two worlds. One holding on to the old world and One wanting the future world which is here. We are all connected. Some of us are still ghosts in this society. Most of us are on Facebook or Google +. Change is exciting and we have been tunneling through change everyday and when one person leaves after being their many years. Change hits you all of a sudden and it hits you. You are in the new world officially.

Perhaps this is what they meant when they said New World Order all along. Perhaps they predicted along time ago that we would enter into the new world. And I know their has been negative meaning over the words, but the fact is The New World Order is here and thanks to WCW we can where the shirts. But joking aside. It is a new world. It is a new world they had imagined from they beginning. Unfortunately they conquered what has been sacred, but we can't forget about our roots. We can't forget about the Native who lived in this land or the Monks that inhabited the holy lands of the world. We can't forget about our holy spots and the wonders of the world. Everyone paved the way for our future. We accomplished what we accomplished. I think its time that we bring back some ancient ways in a new world. They want to move out the old world eliminating anyone who believes in it. But remembering the past is something we all should do from time to time.

I said enough on this long winded blog. It's been awhile since I wrote I wanted to cover what will eventually be the theme from Fall to next Summer. This coming school year. I want to leave you with this point I have a friend who told me that these kids have no idea of what a phone with a wire is. That alone is why we need to teach our past.

As for my Summer, I enjoyed playing the guitar it is a change, but I know this coming year a lot of changes are in store.

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