Friday, November 28, 2014

Explaining my Brand of Wolf Revelations

 "A Warrior Lives, Dies, and Fights for A Purpose.
Nothing Can Change that from a warrior in life's struggle."

Joseph Evaldi

I'm going to discuss a little bit about my brand. I have many slogans that could be a brand in itself that's why I kept passageofjoe as my twitter. And I plan on marketing Wolfman Joe in the future which will only be used for wrestling discussion videos. And I know I came out with Wolf Revelations which is one of my sights now. Also, my writing name is Joseph Evaldi.

They say I don't want to send so much out there or it will send a confusing message. Well it's tough because they all are me and in the coming months I have to rethink my marketing strategy or I will tweak certain things.

The fact is I haven't been clear and I have been sending many different messages. I am going to keep it simple and sweet after giving it much thought. My Company Name is Wolf Revelations. This embodies everything I stand for and everything we stand for.

However, it has three divisions amongst Wolf Revelations. First, is the big company name of me writer Joseph Evaldi. For people who know me they call me Joe Evaldi, but for marketing purposes there are other people who are named Joe Evaldi and I have to stand out from the bunch. That is why I call myself Joseph Evaldi. It is my name given at birth and I respect that. And instead of writing under a pen name which I could and I will. My main name I use is Joseph Evaldi.

In this division of the brand I have my Facebook, Blogger site, YouTube and Amazon Page. This is the chunk of my business.

Second division in my business is The Passage of Joe where @passageofjoe on twitter it can be found. For anyone who has followed my story The Passage of Joe is something I wrote in high school and since I was branding before I knew what it was I branded a good saying and it speaks volumes for my writing. It is what conveyed with my message. The Passage of Joe fit Twitter.

Last in my division of Wolf Revelations is Wolfman Joe. Wolfman Joe will be a brand that I use on YouTube  and I will have a wolf mask on and speak about wrestling related topics. This is me to and I don't want to confuse everyone of what I will be doing. When you see me with a mask on you know what I will be doing.

I hope this explains a little more about this company. I know I was doing many different things, but now it is time to organize and get clear of the direction of this company.

I enjoyed my years of learning, writing and working on video for that short time. It's time to get serious about this business. And I thank you for the ongoing support. Without you I wouldn't be where I am. And Happy Belated Thanksgiving.
I figure this will be a good time to write the organization chart of this business.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Good Adsense Sucks: Nowhere to Contact a Live Person

Google Adsense sucks. There is nowhere to contact a live person. I want to monitize on Youtube and Blogger and I just deleted my youtube account making it even harder to monitize. I have an old username and password that I forgot and their accounts were even delete on hotmail, but still they are recognized by Google Adsense. There is NO LIVE PERSON TO CONTACT ON GOOGLE IT IS ALL COMPUTER and how the fuck should I know when the exact date I used my Google Adsense account when I haven't used it in years.

This is why Google Adsense sucks and it is complicated and I don't have a live person to go to to solve a problem. I don't want that Adsense account anymore and I want it deleted so I could use another one. But I have to go through a complicated system that is scientifically engineered so they don't pay me or would pay me.

I need to Speak to a Live Person Google Adsense. I will put up videos for you to make you money. The least you could do is help me.

I want to get this matter resolved and I know you will ask me security questions about an account I don't remember anymore. SO HELP GIVE ME A LIVE PERSON.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Birth of Wolf Revelations

"A Warrior Lives, Dies, and Fights for A Purpose.
Nothing Can Change that from a warrior in life's struggle."

 Joseph Evaldi

This is my new message statement for a company that has found it's identity and the name will be called Wolf Revelations.

Wolf Revelations is a company that I have founded. It mixes work ethic with writing, video making and other avenues that I have not come up with yet. I am Joseph Evaldi.

Some writing will be on self help, inspiration, spirituality, business, and also wrestling. Even though it will take time to get these products out I am working on them.

As my company slogan says us warriors in Wolf Revelations and who ever joins me in this company will live, die and fight for a purpose. In dying I mean giving your all and your best effort and fighting for what you believe in. 

I want to thank everyone for the support in getting here and Wolf Revelations won't let you down.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quick Chek: There will be Ham in Ham Salad

In my last blog I wrote about my bad experience at Quick Chek and leaving without ham in my salad. I was waiting until the situation got resolved until I wrote this. After that initial blog was written I received a Tweet from Quick Chek apologizing to me for the situation. They wanted to resolve it. That was the first step.

The second step was them wanting to contact me and sending me their contact information so we can come to a resolution for this situation and it turned out that she even put it in the computer and it didn't pop up. She said she was sorry and said she would address it to marketing on the situation because ham should be on the list with the ham salad.

Also, she asked about the nasty service. I'll admit I made a bad situation worse, but that's how it felt at the time. I realize that he was just doing his job. He was following what was on the list even if there was a glitch in the system.

Finally, I was told that I would receive a free salad with anything on it and whenever I wanted it to correct the situation.

Thank you, Quick Chek.

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