Thursday, February 5, 2015

Monthly Update for February 2015

I know this is a late update for what I've been working on and will put out this month, but it seems I am off to a slow start and it felt easy when I was writing the stuff, but to release it, make videos, promote. It's a whole new field. I am discovering the tricks of promoting.

However, since I am not backed by a big publishing company who will promote me. I do all of that myself. So every time someone buys my writing I am grateful.

And I don't mind writing and working. It's this stuff that keeps me going, but just in any profession there is a lot of work involved with it. And it takes time to get to where I want to go. Before you know it I'm engulfed in my profession and quitting is not an option.

Let me discuss what I've been working on in January 2015 and it will be a lead in to what I will work on in February 2015.

All I worked on in January 2015 was working on a series of short ebooks on finance that will be out sometime this year. I finished writing three, and I have one more to work on. However, it takes time to put them out which is what I will be doing in the month of February.

I have many unfinished projects and as I learned from Terri Savelle Foy from a YouTube video. You need to finish out unfinished projects to clear the clutter out. And my writings are unfinished projects. I have about 10 worked on projects that need to be released. Which I will try my best to release them this year.

The World of Groups: Sociology and My Experiences in Senior Seminar will be released March 6, 2015 of this year on the Amazon Kindle. It is a book based on theory of Sociology and my experiences in a class that I had in Senior Seminar. you will learn about the ideas of scapegoating and paradoxes.

I should have about 4 books ready to be released next month. I'll play it by ear.

I thank you for your support, every little bit helps. If I don't consistently write in this blog it is because I am working on projects that you will be happy with.

I am working on getting a guest blogger which should keep this site going. I have interesting topics coming. Rather it is a Youtube video, a blog, or my book.

However, I am living my dream. I am writing and I am doing a whole lot more. Even though I feel I am moving slow this month, I know the pace will pick up. I guess now I enjoy the slow pace while it is here. I will keep you updated on my progress.

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