Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Passage of Joe: Random Thoughts, Coming Up With Something to Write

Here are some random thoughts. I really don't know what I am going to write about, recently I've been stuck, but I need to get started with writing again and this is how I am going to do it. I guess I am exhausted with the writing process and I got to force myself to write. I am going to write a blog. No advertising. No Promotion. Nothing, but my random thoughts on my stuckness that I am right now. Well not actually stuckness, but a feeling of laziness where my head is clouded. I guess this is what happens with every writer from time to time.

This is a throwback from the days of writing The Passage of Joe in high school for a few people in school 20 years ago embarrassing myself, but I was a kid then and I've grown since then at least I think, but I'm going to see how far this goes.

New thought. Where am I going with this, but this may be my worst writing display since those days. Something tells me it's more entertaining then the Kardashians on No Pun intended. I need to get the creative juices flowing so best way to do that is crack jokes at myself and the fact that I am stuck with writing or just not wanting to get serious with writing at this moment. I am trying to get the creative juices flowing. Not trying to write the next movie The Rock is in, that would be absurd, but it can be possible. I might have wrote about him in my upcoming book on wrestling I'm not sure. He has done a lot for the wrestling business.

I'm finally writing something that has switched gears in me and that is when I think about wrestling. I just wish it was like it was back then. Back in the 80's and the 90's. I feel my purpose of this blog has been fulfilled. I've got my mind together and now I could map whatever I am going to do. This is just the beginning of the next year of writing, let's just see what I will come out with this year.

I will not write The Passage of Joe all the time, but this is a throwback to when I wrote it in the past. I guess I'll start from the beginning again. It's time to go back from basics.

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