Friday, January 20, 2017

It's Not Just a Donald Trump Problem, It is Us.

You can blame him, criticize him and etc, but he now works for us right now. And he has a lot of tough decisions to make. I don't think people realize what goes into being a President of the United States and Donald will face those challenges.

But I think people scapegoated Donald just for hatred. Sure Donald might have been saying some of his racist red-direct and their have been other stuff and people he has humiliated along the way. And yes he should have been more diplomatic, but we are all human and we have our prejudices. Not that it is a good thing to. And it is as if society has taken one step forward and two steps back.

But race has been an issue in the world ever since the beginning. I was happy that President Obama became President because it showed that this country was going somewhere and was going to go somewhere, but reverse discrimination took place and you could tell because some of the other race were rubbing it in that their guy won, it was hard to explain. And if you spoke up about religion, race, or anything else you would be punished with your job, etc.

We all felt this discrimination, it didn't matter what color or religion you were, we had to bury our culture and hide where we were coming from.

Our culture makes us who we are. It is everything. And I am not in proponent of fighting the Civil War or anything to do with it and don't feel we need any enemies, but I can't deny they do exist. And now their are riots in our streets.

Basically we have become a third world country. He hasn't gotten in office yet and people are destroying this country. There are proper ways to handle something you don't like and that is through petition.

Every culture should have their right to share and preserve their culture no matter what it is. We don't share our culture anymore based on beliefs our society has given and our family has given and our experiences we become prejudice and stick to our own groups.

Now you have more people showing their racist views and Donald Trump supporters isn't the only ones racist, it's the one destroying this land as we speak looting in anger in protest. There are peaceful Protests and their is one where you damage property.

Well let me tell you something, there are people who work at those jobs and depend on those jobs for a living, you don't hurt Trump you hurt those people. Unless you are malicious and don't care, there are other means of making your point heard and you can do it democratically and you can do it by making your community stronger and better. We could heal this nation if you want.

We have new technology and a new way of life ready to take hold, but to get to the promise land we could get angry and put up a fit, which I and many have or we can make changes to improve this country.

We are a country that is battered beaten broken and defeated. We are are a country that once respected when the flag was risen. Now people step and spit on it. Our country used to represent something. It used to represent that we were going to keep working to make this country better.

So what America might not be an old country like China or have had the Art History of Europe, but we are America and we have always been the land of innovation. Through sweat and tears we connected the east and west with railroads, We are the country who made tablets and Ipods a thing of the future. We brought lights and phone. We are a great country for innovation. We have had many musicians and sports and even Wrestling history making this country great.

We most all have lost everything about our society that makes it a great nation. And we need to rediscover America. Sure we have had a bad history that can't be erased and we can grow and build from here. The greatest thing about America was where people stood together for change. Martin Luther King Jr. wanted everyone to have the same rights and not by who we know or color but by their character. We haven't come this far. There still is a lot of hatred in the world and it is all in us. And no matter what side your on we all have it in us and some of us like me want to write and address this because I feel if we lose our way and go down that road and contribute to this madness, we will all be lost.

Sometimes you have to remove yourself from the situation to be stronger. Rules and Laws have been dictated and governed for along time. But it is something that is set to tear us apart and that is the division between Authority and the Citizens. We feel separate and torn in the battle. This is why we have to stand strong as a nation and we could point the finger at Donald all we want but the problem is us and unless we change from within and change and build to make our community better, we will fall a path we don't want.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

My Inner Struggle With Mental Illness

Normally I would be talking about something that would be angry in some kind or etc, but I wish to address a problem I have been facing and have been facing for about half of my life and it is my problem with a mental illness that I have that has effected me for a span of 16 years. Through that time I covered it up or tried to cover it up with the employer, but I feel it is my best interest to explain this illness I have.

They call it Bipolar and episodes of Mania, but it is more of a mood disorder that I face. Every once in awhile I have an episode and wind up in the hospital. My mood at the time which I have no control over takes over it is as if a personality takes over. It is very angry. However, I have put myself again at risk with employers for my disability once again.

To compare this mood state it is a trip without drugs and the personality takes over. Friday I found myself as a wave overcame me and I returned to my normal state and this trip was over. I am only left with memory of what I have done, but I believe the damage was done as the damage usually is.

16 years ago after my illness started and heavily medicated I took the interest in the mental health field. And 10 years ago I was a residential counselor. This past year has been hard. I have been going through a meltdown all year especially through my breakup. I was not settled and lost a lot of money afterwards I was not making the sound decisions that I should have as mentioned in my other blog I faced a lot of turmoil that I complained with, but my biggest has been my mind and my inner struggle with my illness.

I have not been able to focus on many things and have faced pressures from everyone including the community everywhere I go I face that paranoia at least in the past few days, but as time goes by I revert to normal. I am dealing with this illness as I have been and I've endured through it in the past. Some of my biggest breakthroughs in life have happened do to my illness.

I am speaking openly know about this to help you understand the post for a few weeks and previous. When another personality takes over alot of craziness takes over. A prime example to explain this is through the personality was used with Donnie Darko in Donnie Darko. Something switched and another part of him took over and he could not control it. Sometimes this last days it could last longer Sometimes I am another person controlling the body. I don't harm, but just do damage to my persona. I realize this was the case because a switch went off and I woke up and I was back.

This illness shouldn't be taken lightly, however, everything that is real about this illness are the side effects. Just as Donnie Darko there are some gifts involved and that is the understanding of colors and the hidden messages that are sent subliminally.

It is as if we are guided spiritually and we can see the good and bad and I have been battling a lot and have endured a lot.

Understand the nature of this. The human mind and soul could pull as switch and could do damage to you based on the soul contracts we make as I've heard on a show in Gaia and they could either help us or destroy us despite what it does. However, as Rick Levine Astrologer said a Zen Master once said Good News Bad News Who is to know. This is how I take this.

Do I have to recover. I have been recovering most of my life and I still am. Do I face problems and am I worried about finances yes. But like everyone else I face my mental illness.

I give respect to Mayim Bialik Star of the The Big Bang Theory, She is open about her illness and she is in a fight for Mental Illness awareness. I have been tough on her from her posts, but I am trying to say don't be consumed with getting upset. I know I have and I see what it has done to me. We are all upset about what we are doing, but we all have to take a step back at what we are doing. I wish I took my own advice. Because I created disaster for myself this year do to my illness.

We all take on a fight in life and we all are going to fight and it might even get hostile that is why we need to take a sit back and see what is going on. Let our instinct decide our fate.

We all have to be in better standing and be able to face ourselves in the mirror and we have to be willing to stand up even if we don't want to get up because damage was left. We have to fight our fears and be free once again. We have to embrace every poor self as our high self and as the Late Debbie Ford said we have to nurture our beast and use our higher self to help our ego this is how we overcome and become whole again.

It is a lifelong process but we get stronger. Nobody is perfect on earth and we face our battle. Maybe it's time to nurture our wounded self and heal it.

I face wars internally as many of us and I am open with it now and I will boldly talk in the open about my illness. I can't live in fear of what someone might think or if someone will put me down or etc. I have had anger in the past just by dealing with people who have treated me or someone I know about their disability. But we all go through something in life and we can't give up the fight no matter how bad it is. Mayim you are not alone in the fight many fight our illnesses we just have to have the courage to face it, but not let anger get the best of us as I and many have with many of our posts. However, if you are speaking up for what you believe in we have that right. And we all need to make sure we are in the right judgement to make those decisions. I am struggling with this myself and I have learned a lot.

For those who have stayed loyal and have not left thank you I appreciate. I am like everyone else trying to make it in this world. But it is our own strength that can face the enemy from within and I will keep enduring the enemy until I one day defeat it.

Friday, January 13, 2017

My Return Post to Blogger

It feels good to be back home with Blogger. And it feels good to post on this site once again. I am happy to be back home.

Now a lot has transpired in a course of a year which nearly saw my downfall in relationships, my standings with my fan base and other forms of life such as problems with family and other things. In a span of a year I have been through hell and for some who have witnessed my fall last year on Wordpress. You witnessed it there.

And I have fallen through hell on that site and I am going to leave it all behind me on that site.

I plan on bringing back the old segments such as the Passage of Joe. Sites where I spoke of peace, inspiration, and other things. I will not be discussing anything negative on this site unless it pertains to the topic. I am moving back to this site to clean up my image and return myself to what I once was. I want to study life read again and do the things that I once did.

I face many battles last year and I am happy to return back home and I call this home. This is where I first started my writing. This is where I first started my blog and it started over 7 to 8 years ago. I have written many things and I have grown through the days.

When I was last here, it was the height of my writing career. I have always respected what being here has done for me personally on my journey.

And this is a change of attitude and a change of philosophy. And this is a message to everything I said before to everyone in the past even recently today. It is time to flip the script. I was having problems with another organization with the hell that I created so now I have new plan in mind.

This is why it is a relief to be back home. You are my grass roots Blogger. I started talking about Conspiracies and Problems way back here, but I switched my focus to inspirational topics throughout time.

We fight for what we need to fight for it is true, but we need to learn to keep the peace and be neutral at times. We could say somethings and they can be misinterpreted and we may even misinterpret stuff do as I have with a wrong frame of mind.

This is why I will promise to bring a more positive aspect to this site as to the negative one of the WordPress one I had. We all fall and we all fall apart. But being back home, I could return to the person that I once was and that is returning to the grass roots of my origins and find out if I can retrace my stage returning to where I was before.

I am grateful for returning home. I might have been through a journey there, but this will always be home for me. I have left for a year, but it is always good to return.

I promise to bring uplifting writing here on blogger. Now that my contract for WordPress has expired I am not tied to anyone and I could post where I want and I will post at home with Blogger.

I want to thank Blogger for everything you have done with my journey as a writer and I will try to return the favor and return to those memorable posts and by the time I leave here again. I will be a better person as I aspire to be. I was a different person there, but I promise I will be a better person than I was. Even if that means on taking the Swiss Philosophy of Neutrality.

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