Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Creating a Vision You Want

I was writing about creating a vision you want on a Facebook post today. Fact is people keep appearing in our lives for a reason and situations follow. No one will be told what to do or how to live, but a new Paradigm follows. We need to start creating our own vision in life. Perhaps we are sheltered with our lives and we may feel that we can't create that vision, but we all do it everyday. Rather it is a good vision or a bad vision. We create it. As I have created my situation because I so badly want to be free. What do I want to be free of. The suffering I inflicted on myself after leaving the relationship, but I have grown and I have come to terms and I finally am dreaming bigger and better.

Not to sound like Terri Savelle Foy, but when we dream things happen it is all a matter of our dream and what work we put into it. Just like a piece of artwork you don't know, but it forms and the vision takes form. It creates the world that we want and make it better. Freelance art is like this it starts and then it forms as the work of art builds we create what we want and we let our vision form in that artwork as beauty takes form.


We go on our vision to maybe make it what we want, ugly, bad, good or great. We can create that mind, that body we want. We can find the key to way we are here. And we don't have to be a prisoner of our situations, but why do we? We have a thought in our minds and it forms and we create illnesses, even create our greatest successes.
An idea in our head can form and we have a plan to do something, but we work on balancing ourselves, because when we are off balance the scale can be tipped both ways. This is why we both need our dark energy as well as our light energy. One energy makes us stronger and one balances it. And as I have learned, when you are in your dark energy it is not a bad thing it propels you to do better improve and do things you would not imagine, but you would have to learn from all perspective of the situation. Everything is a learning experience. We are in contracts with one another no matter how good or bad it may seem. I read a lot of this, but I understand it. But we don't have to agree with those contracts we can work on the other side and here to change them. Do we want a world with ideas where we can't see a better future. Some of us react and the world watches comments and laughs.
We have the power to do what we wish, even if there are consequences we have chosen that experience. For those in prison they have chosen that. For those who want to be free they have chosen that, We all have been granted free will and We have chosen situations even though some seemed predestined. We need to look at the Bigger Picture in this matter. And we need to create a better vision for the world. And we need to react on the lightening bolt idea that pops in our head and listen to what our emotions feel like. They will tell you if you need to change. It keeps you strong in the darkest hour and your darkest day.
I once heard we do something twice. We have an idea and then we do it. We have a plan no matter how far it takes us. And we are in the situations because we choose to be there through decisions of our past. But we work toward correcting and learning from our mistakes. This is life.
In a vision it takes time. We just have to hold onto that dream no matter what situation we are in. There is an end result. There maybe consequences, but there is a strong vision and we need to look at where we are going as a whole, but start within first.

Paintings are from the artist Joseph Evaldi
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