Thursday, March 9, 2017

It's Planting Season

I wrote on the Harvest in Fall the past two years. I am starting something new. This is going to be my annual Planting Season Blog.

Lots of snow and good weather at season creates for fertile ground. This is when we get a Spring. Spring is often the season when we have good weather, not hot, not cold. The last two years we did not get a Spring it was cold. This is in New Jersey. And the Spring felt like Winter.

This Winter it felt like it stormed and internally the weather was fertile for growth. This was the season to switch strategies and try something different and something new.

In a way I reinvented myself in a process that started in fall of last year. I went to the gym again, I worked on my artwork, I read again, I re-strategized how to make my life better then it was.

It was clear that things weren't working well in my life and I didn't have peace of mind and just as a switch that went on in the day the first seeds that I planted grew yesterday.

It may have not been with financial gain, but it was growth, growth of possibility. I know what I need to grow this year I have a feeling.

We need to continue growing and planting our seeds. We need to water those plants and flowers. The seeds need to be nurtured rather it is through mother nature or through investing the time yourself. You do your part and mother nature will take care of the rest.

Sometimes we are tested to plant something new. Sometimes we might be up against an obstacle, but when we plan how we attack or we just attack, success happens.

All of us may have lost something in our lives we are going through the winter or have gone through the winter of our life. And when we go through a rough year and Winter, we know the seeds that we planted based on strategy and studying will come and grow those crops.

Maybe you are ready to enter in a rough year and things don't seem to go all as planned, my advice is go through the storm let it prepare you for what is to come. Grow yourself build yourself stronger. Build yourself so you can wage the war and know that your time will come again that is when you start growing and learn how to grow again knowing it may not become a tree until years down the line.

Even Trees need nurturing, growing a tree is long term and like us we have bad years and good years and we all wage storms. Help nurture ourselves to make us stronger.

Planting is everything, rather we keep on growing crops for short term or planning for the long term. We come up with a plan and we work and act. Our crops won't grow with work into them. Sometimes we have to invest in ourselves like our crops and make ourselves grow. We will recover and as Seth Rollins once said We will "Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim." It is the story of planting and it is the story of us. We need to live by that philosophy. Sometimes we will go through setbacks as Seth faces now, but we need to persevere and work hard to rebuild what has been broken again. It is a matter of growing.

And we face life with our setbacks such as Seth Rollins and we go through rough Winter where we need to rebuild again and it seems we may not grow, but know that Spring is coming and we can grow again despite being broken. And when we grow we are inspired to do more. We are inspired to live again and we have to face our fears only to grow. It is when we face our fears we live again just like Spring. Let's plant those crops. Let us grow again.

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