Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Two Roads

Robert Frost talked about travel two roads and he walked on the road less traveled by others. However, in any road or any decision nowadays one decision or one fork in the road is not a fork, it's many forks. And it feels as if you are lost in the forest unless you know only to follow your path. Sometimes it is tough to get through at times.

Sometimes we go through these situations with jobs, love, locations, etc. And sometimes we are torn between decisions and they unfold. And we see both roads ahead of us. And sometimes in matters of relationships this is a tough thing even if nothing has happened.

We live in a Matrix of possibilities and in that Matrix we attract people in our life and it calls for our attention. It calls for us to either choose one, or if we are indulgent we choose both and it is because we truly can't decide. This relates to the differences of the worlds which I understand now.

Yesterday when hanging out I was watching a comedian talk about when the British took over India. The British guy said we are coming to take over this colony and proclaim their is one God, while the India guy said which God is that, we have many. In the stand up comedy routine, they went back and forth until they argued and then Britain then took over. I didn't see this part, but an interesting part is how they got it back with one leader. They didn't get violent and if they got violent the Indian army punished themselves by giving themselves more punishment. Eventually with acts such as this they got their freedom and the British eventually gave up because they couldn't figure out how to get what they want.

Bottom line is we don't understand each other. When one person in the relationship is saying I am the only one you should either care and make love to when in reality the other person is thinking I want to make love with many women and experience the fruits of life. They are not doing this out of disrespect, they are doing this to actually make love better with their woman or man, but a lot of times this argument takes place and it gets misconstrued.

We are loving beings and with our loving we want to be free from our prison and be able to experience. We should be free to experience the nature of love. We should be free to experience life without being a prisoner and with life we all are prisoners and we hold ourselves to old paradigms that don't work anymore and we are tearing them down by being free.

What is freedom? Freedom is being free and their is a price with it. But sometimes we may not be a prisoner of our society, but a prisoner of our own minds and we create our prisons.

We may create a relationship that seems to be like a death sentence. All because we created how horribly the situation is or we create a situation that can be paradise between the two we care about. The fact is we are torn between that decision or free depending on what we think about.

Fact is last year I created hell for myself, because deep down inside I wanted that experience. And just like I experience the situation that I face right now. It's how we attract things and situations in our life. Just like the Law of Attraction. This is why as I've heard we should do what we want to do right now and not hesitate and sometimes when we hesitate we lose.

Our situations we face deal with a choice or a Matrix of ideas and they all are calling our attention. Maybe we all don't want to be free or maybe we are free in the decision we make. Even in our relationship we can be free. Deep down we have a drive to live and when we forget to live we aren't free. Even if we give the advice that maybe wrong to others, It is our truth that we know and it is our truth that we can only share. Maybe no one knows this truth, but we learn from other truth and this helps us understand our purpose better.

All this the Two Roads we approach in life and this is how we learn in life.

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