Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Bullying and It's Effects

Perhaps we all have gone to far. Perhaps we just go to the lengths and keep going. Yeah we joke amongst our friends. And yeah we joke with relationships and we only hurt one another and keep hurting one another because we just keep that hurt going.

Rather someone has been called weird, stupid, dumb, idiot, prick, douche, or anything and then we come across that way. Someone views us for who we truly are not and the hate keeps on coming because someone has to go through the hurt because the one who hurts, hurts more then ever. People don't know that pain and they may never and they react or even kill.

Everything in this world is filled with that hate now a days rather it is something in this world or maybe we are picked on because we are different, you know Hitler also wanted to abolish everyone who was different for what. Under his reign I or many people I know would have never been born. And they wipe out people who were different.

Imagine a world without an Albert Einstein, an Abraham Lincoln, a Steve Jobs. Imagine a world without Nikola Tesla, or a world without a George Washington or an Oprah Winfrey. Each person and more faced challenges, but had to overcome their challenges under Hitler they would not been born, under hate they would not have been born.

They were weird, they were different and we all have challenge maybe its a social problem Winston Churchill had that to. But gangs build up and put someone down and everyone is afraid to speak up because they are afraid of changing the status quo and afraid of what everyone might do. They are afraid for fear of what might happen to them. They are afraid to tell the truth for what the other may say or anything they are afraid to be honest. Sure people might say something to hurt and may have no filter, but they are honest. Shouldn't honesty be respected. And it's true we get offended and it's true we may feel hurt by all of it, but maybe we all are hurt and we are trying to find for a better tomorrow. Maybe no matter what we believe good or bad we are hoping for a better tomorrow even from our worst enemies they also hope for a better tomorrow. But no one cares we are all tied in to ourselves at times and we are all tied to dramas of those close and we may just react without knowing the truth and that is the other side of the world even us takes our hate to the extreme. We are afraid. We are afraid to truly be who we are and when we do and who we think we should be different and never are satisfied.

I remember I felt like this never satisfied, never having fun being someone to fit into the mold of others and trying to fit into the world, but I never could fit in I was different and this was prevalent. And I lived like I was different. I build myself stronger, but somewhere along the way like everyone else midlife lose sight of life, we accomplished a lot, but are we complete. We are divided more then ever before and why.

We have situation of ISIS, but we are just as bad as them, they are just more extreme. They kill, we kill. There views aren't right I don't know what is going on there I don't care to watch the news because I would have views that are not my own. Everything stems from hatred and it is war. Why do we have to fight, they are just angry and pissed at everything somewhere they were wrong and like a dictator they want to destroy everyone they got put into that role maybe they were afraid of what the others in they group would do. It is hate. And is projected on every level so where is the love.

Where is that moment of being honest and build that trust, where is that moment saying I was with someone and I cheated even when you told your partner your feeling before hand, but we are afraid we are afraid to tell the truth we are afraid to mention what maybe on our minds, for all we are all human and we would rather know who they were with if they were with someone because they would grant me that right even if they weren't happy with it. If they did they would truly love you no matter what.

There was a time last year where I had to give everything up and truly throw everything away just to see if she loved me and she did not at least she didn't love me that way. And rather I was scammed or not or in relationships where I can be considered a fool for being in online situations, I learned a lot. I know that relationships deal with pain and pain is a part of life. Pain includes abuse rather it is you or the other. We feel we are right when we maybe wrong, or we maybe right it is said wrong.

Life is full of this we truly can't be honest and when we do we are deceitful, we don't truly tell them that we love them the most when we are honest with them when we tell them our innermost feelings and of something we have done rather then finding out the hard way. Sometimes we aren't happy with the truth because we are ashamed of it and can't face the shame. We run away and don't face the truth. We face a world that is built with deceit everything is done behind someone's back and we don't have honor to let them know what we do.

Know we are human, we all are human living this world rather we are tied with anger or not, and it is normal to feel hate at times and know that it hurts us that much because we truly love no matter how hard it is. Sometimes you have to be willing to lose everything in order to regain what you want in life.

Someone I know told me about the scene in The Dark Knight Rises last year and what he had to face to heal himself before he rose above the pit he was in. We all face those pits rather we think we are on top of the world or not. Rather we are full of hate or full of love we have to face life.

I think of the movie of Invincible how the injured man did everything he could do to kill others to find one man because he believed in comic books and searched for the one. He even helped him, but he was defeated and the pain he showed had showed. They did not deserve to die for one person.

People did not deserve to die for every event because they feel they have power. But we keep on living with all the pain everyday. We are all hurting and we go through pain rather we are with someone or not. But we all search to be loved and we all search to be accepted and we may not be accepted. But we should continue to work hard for that acceptance and we should work hard to accept ourselves when no one will accept us. It hurts at times to see others go through pain even though we all are suffering now. And we have each other to go through the pain and we lean on one another. Sometimes we have to face our fears and what other say and do to has and stand up. Hate exists. And as much as people try to deny it we need to embrace it.

So let them call you weird or stupid or dum, you may have that vision to shape the world, they may knock you down to the point that you stop believing in yourself. Keep fighting. Show them who you are. Show them your true nature. Show them that you are who you aspire to be. No one is going to hold you back from your dreams and don't let them discourage you. We all settle into a life that isn't for us and we settle because we are afraid to break free when we maybe all a prisoner of that abuse all for money or for whatever reason. Why don't we all help each other and work together to get ourselves stronger. Why do we feel that we have to be torn apart and afraid to face our abusers.

I and many millions on this earth are brilliant people and we can produce the worlds wonders yet we live in poverty and some are with people who abuse them or do not care about them because of their situation and why do they face it and it isn't just the victim drama their is something more it is the abuse they may give. And we all have had our abusers. Maybe we should truly be free and take our freedom back. We can't do it alone their are groups that can help. Their are support systems and the abuse doesn't have to go on. Many fear their livelihoods because of abusive people we see this in politics and we see this at home even amongst ourselves. There is medication that can treat moods and their is a telephone number to reach out for if you have been bullied.

Bullying goes in all forms now a days from school even in adulthood and even in relationships. When we don't stand up to the oppressors and we don't stand up for people who have been picked or abused and face whatever may come, we fall ourselves and we fall for the fact that we once cared about the world, but just have give up and take out all our pain on others. I face this battle everyday and we all have. I once was angry because of constantly getting teased and picked on by friends through years. And I'm sure that will continue because others will still tease me or discourage me from who I am and maximizing my true vision and even if internally it may go against the grain and even though I maybe following others, I seek to join the pack just to lead the pack. And many of us are wounded like wolves in a battlefield. Us wolves need resurrection and we need to form again. But we need to fight like hell to be healed.

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