Sunday, April 9, 2017

Love is Unpredictable and the message of a few out weigh the whole

There is a saying love is never on time and that is true. One day you maybe in a pool of your own tears, another day while sleeping people will try to reach you. And another when you wake up they are not there. Love is very unpredictable. Love can keep you a prisoner, but others cling onto you like no tomorrow, but the thought of them disappear and not being there sparks a lot of emotion brought up in you.

Why am I writing about love again? I feel I have to revisit where I started with this matter a year ago before I fell and I feel it's the nature of us we keep falling because we don't know what pain the other is going through rather we try to hide it or are busy with our own hurts and pains. And we don't know the damage we do.

Some hurt is inflicted because we feel very vulnerable and rather we hide in our emotions and never show that reality. We fight everyday rather it is through our addictions to mask that pain or hurt that exists because we don't want to deal with that beast that lives inside. That beast that makes us a horrible person to the world. But if we nurture that beast amazing things will happen.

I once heard a story where a Buddhist monk found a Buddha that was hidden in clay and he chipped at it. The more he chipped and worked he thought he was damaging it, but the more he say the gold. Little did he realize it was hidden from a war that had taken place and they hid the beauty they didn't want to see any more. Until that day it was seen. and when look he saw this beautiful statue all in gold in the middle of that area.

No matter who you are you might be that gold statue and are afraid of who you are and you may have your inner beauty buried in clay. You maybe hidden in the ugliness of your outer shell. And you may want that side to never be seen because it was scared and it is wounded so that you have a bandage on it.

When the gold shows, our inner beauty shows and our true nature is released and we can truly be who we are without any fear. We can not be afraid since we are our true essence. This is forgotten at times and we start to hide, but know we shouldn't be afraid whatever challenge we face. No matter how we fall, no matter who makes us feel like crap, no matter who tries to destroy our true essence no matter what the reason.

We all have a true potential to be great, it's just some of us are buried and think we can not get what we are truly worth and this is with love, money, or anything else in life. And we settle or drown ourselves with the decay of who we once were.

Know that there is a gem of who you are, no matter who you are. And I know some have a negative mind set and are just wondering why they seem to attract what they attract. And others just attract by mood and being there.

I was down last night, I was down hard not going into detail, but if it's one thing I know change the tune of the music. Don't settle in with the crap you usually do. Change your tune.

Maybe you like your music and maybe you are not going anywhere and are attracting your situation that you usually do. Once you change your tune you change your mood and you mentally change your situation. Thinking that you can do better. Whatever you put in your mind can transform who you are.

As for the unpredictability. It is easy to fall love and it is easy to fall out of love, but the attachment is harder as I have learned. We are meant to love and be satisfied. We work through our differences and many times in relationships our needs aren't being fulfilled and we ask ourselves the hard questions is that relationship worth the fight? Do we feel our needs aren't being met and do we have what we truly want in life?

Our lives were meant to be better than it is. No matter what we face as hard as what it is. We keep on suffering with our daily lives no matter who we are, but we live through that pain. And in love or not. We all share the same predicament. Some pain is unbearable that we have to be true to ourselves no matter how bad the pain is no matter how much we don't want whatever we face.

But as the Phantoms say, "We will rise." No matter what we face, we have to truly follow our path. Not the path that someone wants us to follow. We have to go on what our instinct will follow and should there be a way if destiny guides you back so be it. And this is not just for one person, this is for all of us. Maybe there is a love that has been lost in life and maybe you feel like you are going in another direction when they feel like things are great. And you wonder why.

It is just like the wind. Your mind is like the wind, It travels the length. It touches who you want to be by your side close and you want to be by your side. This is why the people attract who they do. This is why the abused will attract the abuser. Everything offsets the balanced based on the mood. And when you can tap in to something great to show who you are without any fear anything holding you back you live and you will not be afraid to live.

And this goes to all the wars in the world and the one in Syria and Russia and the US. There is so much hate in the world that we have forgotten to love and forgotten how to be free and how to let others be free because we have our oppressors rather they are in our own town, we live with them or them hold all the fucking militaries in the world or they are our government. We have forgotten to be free and yet many of us fight for our rights and it is all over the world and when we are living in all this hate and we stick to ourselves and are in our own little worlds we have forgotten to love and we fight so hard for it that many have died in the name of love.

I am going to say this speaking my mind. Hate and negativity exists, there are many who fight just for their views because they are afraid and you know what we are all scared. We are all afraid of something. And some of us hold things in afraid to speak afraid of what they know and afraid to share with their world for criticism. And they are afraid to take a stand for what they believe in including me and we hide with our masks everyday thinking the world will be a better place and it never is. It's dark, it's cruel and it's damn well nasty and it hurts. People will take money from you, kill you, Kill a city, even kill 6 million maybe more all for what for hate because they are different and what because of this damn world faces every difference and yes we are different we should accept our differences it makes us unique and it makes the world unique.

Every time we fight a war, we fight the ghosts of ourselves and we are reminded of the pain we all once faced all in our DNA and is this all worth it. Is all worth it.

We have faced bullying and other problems and we are afraid to just stand up and we just accept it, we either just accept it, become an abuser, or just end it all which has happened. It is reality. Where is that fight. Have we given up in a world that was supposed to be better. Have we all just been waiting and letting things happen. Have we been talking and are afraid to experience love. And since we are prisoners of it hurts.

We need to rise above whatever situation. Because we are angry they are angry. Because they are angry we are angry. Why don't we create what we want and have it. Why don't we create the life we want. As someone said we are human we can make mistakes. We are not nice and haven't been we are all on this earth scarred. And We need to repair those damages. We need to heal the world. We need to care for the sick and care for our enemy and yeah we may say kill them but that is one of our loved ones dead. War is like this.

We can live in that pain or as the song says we will rise above it. I have to say the past two days I lived in pain because it choose me. And it choose us. And I know this blog will reach maybe 25 to 50 share this let it be read. Because the power of a few will outnumber the masses and when our true nature of who we are as humans is revealed. We can all heal as one.

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