Thursday, April 20, 2017

Object of Attraction: Part 1 of 10 A Short Story Series

A nerdy kid named Tommy in high school always was afraid to approach girls in his class. He lacked the confidence. He tells the story of many kids in high school he was picked on a lot. Tommy like a girl in particular, but he was unsure if she even noticed him. He spent most of his time playing video games and most of the time studying and reading books. He was into Science and he wanted to be a doctor.
    When kids picked on him, they called him a nerd like Luke Gallows or Karl Anderson would call someone for in WWE. Tommy was a fan of the Revenge of the Nerds series. He felt he was cool, but he might of thought that, but he wasn’t cool with the ladies. Every time he talked he stumbled his words and didn’t know what to say. Everyone picked on him and made fun of him.
    Women even made believed they liked him by telling him the story keep trying you’ll find someone, but they all laughed in his face.
    Then one day out of the blue he saw this one girl stunning and beautiful she was a ten on the scale and she paid attention him he stuttered didn’t know what to say. He was thinking ahead of himself. She started to stick up for him, but she was with someone. Her name was Sue.
    Another person grew a liking to him He was a social outcast to. He wore a ripped up leather jacket. He was just barely passing even though he was smart. He always rebelled against authority and even rebelled against his classmates. His role model was Dean Ambrose from the WWE. He didn’t like anyone getting teased or bullied and he saw Tommy constantly getting picked on and he saw he needed help with women. But he didn’t know that Tommy liked his girl and was going after her. And Tommy didn’t know that was her girl. His name is “Unstable” James Osborne. The rumor about him was he was Super Dave Osborne’s son, but no one knew he lived his life a mystery. He was from school to school and he had a thing for muscle cars.  
   One day something happened where "Unstable" James just snapped, he saw something that irritated him. He was always unstable, this day he showed it. He was pissed that Tommy got picked on again they kept putting him down and he wouldn't have it anymore. The friendship between Unstable James and Tommy started. And then James asked Tommy to take a ride in his 1975 Camaro and he picked up his girlfriend and to Tommy's surprise Unstable James girlfriend was his Object of Attraction and she followed him.
   To James surprise both Tommy and Sue knew each other. This is where the story begins.
I will keep you posted more on this 10 part series.

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