Monday, April 3, 2017

Update for April 2017

Last month, I released the audiobook called Kindle Your Writing: Tips to Make Your Amazon Book Great. It is an audiobook on how to make your book great. I am happy to say this project is done quicker then I expected.

Also, the audiobook called The Evolution of the Squared Circle: The Production of Professional Wrestling became one of the top 100 best sellers in the Television and Video section on Amazon.

March was a good month a lot of things happened behind the scenes. Even though I have not utilized it, I am now with the Podcasting company that I have used before. I am planning on a Spring and Summer of Podcasts as I start up again. I will discuss more of this on the Update part of what I will work on in April 2017.

There are 4 quarters in the year.
  1. January through March
  2. April through June
  3. July through September
  4. October through December
This is the beginning of the Second Quarter of the year and that is April. I ask the question did I accomplish all I set out to do and have I improved on what I was doing. The answer is Yes.

I wanted to release an Audiobook on The Evolution of the Squared Circle: The Production of Professional Wrestling and I did and also released the Paperback and audiobook of Kindle Your Writing: Tips to Make Your Amazon Book Great. And even though they are not released yet, I have been working on some artwork and have been in the work of planning what they next few months will be like.

What will the Next Few Months Be Like?

I have an idea. As this company involves and I have not been at it yet. I would like to work for doing another book. I haven't decided what I want to do yet, but I will want to work on another paperback. This will be my first big writing project in a year. After I went through my growing pains last and went through a crises, I bounced back.

Last year I got sick of the process I just wanted to do blogs, but this year I want to incorporate what I learned from my life experience and apply it.

I want to do more paintings and I want to release more products as per shirts, mugs, etc. based on my artwork.

This is like the beginning of the year for me and as the time for Spring, it is the time where things grow and I plan on growing, but I need to go back to basics and work on new material and I work to nurture the old.

I may take a break from art just to do spring cleaning so look at my post from Let Go to see what I may be selling.

In away things are changing. I transformed what this company is doing. Now we are incorporating art into it so it is not just writing.

I plan on hiring two new writers in the next month or so. One for this blog and One for the other. One will discuss on the various projects I will work on concerning writing or art. The other will discuss about wrestling and art. And some roles will be TBD. But this company will grow. It has room for introducing the products you may want.

I'm also with Patreon where new artwork can be available for show there.

I have a lot of things in the works and next is a plan to get there. I am getting prepared for the 4th Quarter of the year. And even though it may not exceed to great lengths I will grow the business. And start it.

Even though this is a basic overview, I am working in reverse pretty much. I am strategizing in April through June when I should have been strategizing in January through March. But I was resting and planning on  products to release and get myself back in shape and focused as I am finding my grove again. And certain things you have to move on from and just repair which I will do. And as I said I will rebuild again as Seth Rollins has. And as you can see with Seth Rollins he is not one hundred percent, but he fought. I am not one hundred percent financially and still suffering financially, but the storm is coming to an end as I will start putting a dent in what I need to put a dent in as I rebuild.

There are many things I would like to rebuild and rebuild that is broken as we all have repairs to do. Some things may never get repaired and some you have to just let go.

April is the month to sort and prepare to clear the air and get stuff out of the way and start for a new beginning. It is a start to release what is old and begin again.

Spring is that season. As we go through our cycles. What needs to be cleared and what needs to be gone through. In the coming months this will be apparent as this season comes to fruition.

Next month I will discuss all that I have worked on and keep you posted. As for the blogs, I will keep you posted, I will post.

It will be a rebirth and a beginning of something new and it will be the birth of something great. We have survived the Winter, now its time for Spring.

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