Thursday, May 11, 2017

This One is on Mental Health Awareness Week

I just want to bring awareness to an issue that is dear to me. Rather we are in denial with issues, rather it runs havoc with our relationships, or it's situations that go untreated. Mental health is important to us as a whole.

I am someone who has suffered with and even have helped people with similar problems to mine. I understand both states of the illness. I am not going to go into the DSM 5 book of definitions or mention some ones that are common such as depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar which are labels, but the true battle we all face is with our perception of the world through imbalances.

This may cause us problems because of the stigma many may feel the need to self medicate their problems. And even though I have not addressed it with Marijuana and Pot it was a technique that the ancient Natives of the land used to release the stresses on the mind. Just as if they were facing their demons head on at least they felt. It gave them better perspective. For whatever reason the pharmaceuticals hide what can help your mental mind just because it is not tested. Yet they have drugs that they feed down our throats. I am not against it, but their has to be a better way for mental health.

I do agree someone who smokes shouldn't drive a vehicle, but our pressures need to be addressed and these problems need to be faced.

Right now many face problems with anxiety and it hurts because many are stressed out do to high intense jobs, many hours of work, not spending time with those they love paying bills, etc. For some smoking pot maybe a release for those problems just as many outlets. I am not even adding relationship stresses.

Either make this society uncomplicated and help people and offer what they need and people I know of my generation have stormed trying to help others with their problems because damage was left in the world. And if the World can tell a tale and is telling the story it suffers like everyone of us.

When we help the world. We help everyone of us. When we help ourselves heal we can heal one another. And we are in pain. Laughter is just one step. But there is more that needs to be done.

Pain is a predicament for all of us living in this world. It is either face it in good spirits and not alone or face it alone and not take it like many do.

We need to reach out even if we are afraid to reach, they might be the person who needs it the most.

Just be mindful of those who need help and don't just laugh all the time. They are the one's who face the biggest struggle of all.

We all go through trouble and we even see it in our President now what stress can do. We may have our views, but be mindful of the cause we face and not the views of one person who is overcome with anger. Is this what we want our world to be like. It is obvious Donald Trump has a mental health problem and it should be taken seriously and treated. He represents our country and he shows we all live under that kind of stress. I don't want to go political, but this is not political. He is one heart attack away and his job will do it to him. He is not the young Donald Trump anymore.

I started out discussing about mental health, marijuana, and Donald Trump, Three big things in the news and the views I have. And they are all related. The person in charge represents our mental state and we are all unglued at the moment to use a word from the news on Donald Trump. We have to create better system and not complicate things anymore then they are. There is a mad man in office who is just making laws because we told him that is what we want.

We created this government and system. We can also change it. Let us look out and ease things for us mental health wise.

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