Monday, January 28, 2013

Update with The Soul Warrior's Journey blogs and other blogs as well.

     First I want to say thank you for follow my blog for whoever may read them. Whoever has been reading my blogs knows that I have written blogs about my book that I will release on Amazon this month or next month. I also wrote a blog about bullying and my fire within.

     This month has been a good writing month for me. People are starting to know what my book A Soul Warrior's Journey is about and this leaves me to update you on what's next in the month of February for this site. I have already covered a lot of blog of some of the main and minor characters for A Soul Warrior's Journey. A summary of Part 1 and Part 2 and the settings of Part 1 and Part 2. I will discuss in future blogs more on some of the characters in the book that I have not mentioned and I will discuss about some issues and plots in the book.

      Every character plays an important role in the book and I want everybody to know who they are and what role they play. These future blogs might be short, but they are to the point. Also, for those who are following this blog, you might want to read my other blog at This blog will be what I will write about my thoughts and feelings. I am writing in my blog a section called What am I Grateful for? I feel it is important to be grateful for many things in life and I will write about that. What I am also writing on the side is my book of poetry which will be release later this year.

     I will keep you informed about what I am doing and what I am writing about and again thank you for following and thank you for reading.

Bio of Horus in A Soul Warrior's Journey.

When I was thinking of Horus I was thinking of the god in Egypt who was the god of vengence, and I was also envisioning him to look a little like Horus Hogan, who is the nephew of Hulk Hogan. Horus Hogan wrestled in WCW for a little bit. Horus Hogan was tall and about 6 foot 8 and the Horus in this book was 6 foot 8 too.

Horus, ironically in A Soul Warrior's Journey is a body guard of Meir Ben-Haim. He doesn't say that much, but is ruthless. He doesn't care if he hurts someone. He is the muscle in Egypt. The name Horus fits him well. I wanted to add this dilemma to the book. I wanted to add somebody that was threatening and he plays this role. He also will play in when a swerve happens in the book.

Why would this book call for this character? In any book there are good guys and villians and Horus's role in this book is no different.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Bio of Louis DeLeone in A Soul Warrior's Journey

     Louis DeLeone is the supervior of Joseph Woods at JP Nickels. He looks out for the best interest of Joseph Woods and cheers him up. He sees him down and advises him on how to channel his anger. He is like a big brother that Joseph needs at this time.

     Louis has problems of his own such as poor finances and he drinks sometimes, but is not an alcoholic. He deals with life and figures he deals with so much suffering he might as well take more problems on.

     He plays his role well and supports Joseph in his time of need and is a friend of him. His story is important and will be important as the series goes along. He is one of the minor characters in the book and one of Joseph's side stories through his life of transformation.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Setting for Part II in A Soul Warrior's Journey: Egypt

     Why did I choose Egypt for Part II of my book? I believe Egypt has been a mystical and a mysterious place and it is also spiritual too. Egypt has early history from the building of the pyramids and the sphinx and also with the pharoahs too. I wanted my character Joseph Woods to have past life links to Egypt and this life time would draw him back to spiritual work to try to resolve the problem in this life time.

     However, I also wanted to add some of the modern day problems of Egypt such as the protest that happened in 2011 to get their ruler Mubarak out. However, this ruler's name that they want out is Meir Ben-Haim. They still fight over who has control such as if it's going to be the people, the government, or the military.

     Egypt has their issues just like then, but I wanted to convey the people as being ghosts of their former selves. Where they were once promenant many millenium ago, they now strive to be the people they once were. The return to prominence. It is a transformation. Not only a transformation that goes on with Joseph Woods the central character, but in Egypt as a whole.

     For those who believe change can happen, the mission of Joseph Woods, Matteus Andersen, and Ericka Andersen linger on through Egypt. They go through the oppressors and those who accept them because they want change themselves. The chariots in Egypt still ride, except it's only in the modern age and revolution is felt all over. This is why I choose Egypt.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First Setting in A Soul Warriors Journey: New York, New York

If you can make it anywhere, you can make it in New York. This is why I wanted the first setting to be in New York. I added the coffee house feel just as in the show Friends.

It also adds to the story of Joseph Woods who is struggling through life. Plus he is going to have a spiritual battle to fight of he is going to make it.

It also adds to the time of year I made it around Christmas, New Years, and Spring. That is where things start to turn around for Joseph.

New York is a big city that anything can happen in and this is what I wanted to convey in the book.

For Joseph Woods, who is trying to find himself what better place to find your destiny in a place where dreams can come true.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Bio of General Akbar in A Soul Warrior's Journey

     When I was thinking of the character of General Akbar, I think the name came from the WWF when it was called the WWF. He was the manager of Sgt. Slaughter as an Iraqi solider. And I was also thinking of the general in The Celestine Prophecy, who didn't want to be bothered with the prophecy.

     General Akbar was a general in Egypt. He was for the old ways of doing things and didn't want change. Meanwhile, Egypt is protesting for change. He advises Meir Ben Haim to stay on course and not to worry about Matteus Andersen, who was once a spiritual healer to Meir and he doesn't trust Darius, Meir's spiritual advisor.

     He is out to keep the military in charge of the country and even rules it after Meir disappears for awhile. Meir plots the death of Matteus.

     General Akbar is strong with his power and he won't let the protestor's affect their rule of Egypt.

Friday, January 18, 2013

The making of the character and the Bio of Darius in A Soul Warrior's Journey.

When I think of the ancient times, I think of the name Darius. And I was thinking of a character in Highlander The Series when I was thinking of this character. The holy man, but has a past by being an evil ruler. Only difference between this Darius and the one in the Highlander is that this Darius is truly evil.

     He has a few years of training from the Vatican and is a spiritual advisor, but who knows what kind of spiritual advising he does. He took over advising Meir after the botch healing attempt of Matteus Andersen. However, Darius changes his tune when he meets Joseph Woods and goes on the mission they are trying to accomplish. He is out to sabatage Joseph and inflict hurt on him. He is working with the spirits who are out to haunt Joseph and won't stop until he gets their revenge. He is just good at hiding it though.

     Darius might be another kind of spiritual healer, but it's not the good kind. He has pure evil in his heart and does not care about the good he could do. There is a prophecy that even speaks of him. This fued between Darius and Joseph Woods could carry on for a long time.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Bio of Shawn Williams in A Soul Warrior's Journey

     Picture that jackass friend who always goats you and isn't out for your best interest. This is Shawn Williams. Another thing about Shawn is that he was a controlling person and a womanizer as well.

     His story starts at the beginning of the book. Where he is friends with Joseph Woods and Paul Franks. Joseph Woods and Shawn Williams were friends for a long time, but what happened after Joseph's illness changed the landscape of their friendship.

     5 years later Shawn is coming down hard on Joseph Woods for his addiction problems and his depression. Shawn was controlling wondering where Joseph was and why he wasn't there to hang out with them all the time. This drove Joseph to get upset.

     He later brought back Emily Dickens, a woman whom Joseph Woods had a crush on. Shawn didn't care that it might hurt Joseph. His plan was to hurt Joseph and get some action for himself. He later went with Emily and Joseph saw it. Maybe it was intentional or maybe it wasn't supposed to be seen. This enraged Joseph and he went away to get himself back. He had the motivation he needed. Joseph didn't want any part of the group.

     Shawn went out with Emily, but things were going sour and he saw that Paul Franks had a woman named Stephanie that he was going out with that he liked. Shawn later backstabbed Paul and went with Stephanie, lied to Paul and made it seem that Emily was making up the story between him and Stephanie. This later led Paul to not trust Shawn.

     Shawn is a devious character in the book who is out for himself and he later turned out to be violent to, but you will have to read the book to find out more.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Bio of Emily Dickens in A Soul Warrior's Journey

     Who is Emily Dickens? In A Soul Warrior's Journey she is the woman whom my character in the book Joseph Woods loved, but she didn't love back. Like many love stories you can't force love and this one didn't happen. Joseph Woods tried hard and was pushing the issue. He couldn't get her to like him in that way. This story is similar to a woman that I once like, but didn't like me in that way back. I'm glad it didn't happen because I'm happier now and it worked out for the best for both of us to.

     Here is the story of Emily, in the beginning of the book Joseph has a crush on Emily like I mentioned, but she has feelings for Derrick Nylander. Joseph's rival at the time. Joseph liked her because she was his array of hope when there was none for him, but Joseph got burned bad and snapped. He later went into the hospital for his actions.

     A few years later Joseph is depressed more so, is a gambling addict and is a sex addict. He hangs out with his friends Shawn Williams and Paul Franks. Joseph and Shawn don't see eye to eye on many things. One day he brought out Emily to hang out with them and Shawn was flirting with her in front of Joseph's face. He tried to stand up for himself, but it did not work.

     Later, Shawn Williams hooks up with Emily and they don't see that Joseph saw them. Joseph was livid and this set Joseph of to find himself, change his life and return stronger then he was before.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Our Right to Freedom and Our Struggle

     Yesterday I wrote of the many cases of bullying and what it's done to me, but this situation has affected others. How many of us are laughed at or discriminated against because of the color of your skin, because of if your "fat" or "skinny", because your "slow". or have a "mental illness" and are categorized what illness you have or what disability. We are even bullied for financial status or what position we have or even how much money we make. For example, I'll use retail, the guys in the back aren't accepted by the people on the floor, the supervisiors and mangers have their own click and it goes up from their. In every click their is a boss of others. And the big boss has the power to cut your hours at free will. It's a messed up system.

     That's just one aspect of hierachal bullying. Is any group any better. Is the function of the boss any different then the function of the low level employee and who are they to play God for who gets to eat or not.

     Back in the day we at least wrote laws based on the Bible, or the Ten Commandments. These laws were based on God. I might disagree with some of these laws and I know they are outdated, but their was a code amongst men to follow. There were bullies then because those who wrote the laws had the power. Well why can't I write laws am I not that powerful. Well these laws today are written by people and are not backed by God. They are unlevel that the laws work for those who profit of of them and they give us scraps. This is a form of bullying.

     It reminds me of the extremes in the movie Braveheart where the British were doing every imaginable thing possible and they gave Scottish people land and entitlements and people would not give up those entitlements and William Wallace carried out with his vision for Scotland after tragedy struck him. His vision was for Freedom of Scotland. He died with his dream, but eventually it got carried out by the future King.

     Fact is we are governed by everything that we need our freedom. This time though instead of united on a country scale we now need to unite on a local scale. People who don't even know us make laws on us. We make payments for credit card companies who rape us when we borrow, we know the situation with housing you can't even afford to live now if you are working in retail, Not to mention gas, electric, cable, internet, car insurance, health care don't give us a break. Bottom line is people are being bullied All because they need their cut. Who are we actually working for anyway?

     We are working for everyone but our selves and we are working for people that don't care for us unless we take action and be creative with our talents. They even want a piece of what we create. We need to fight back and band together. We need to create our own companies and help others to achieve that financial freedom. We need more entreprenaurs and visionary people.

     There have been people who have profited by doing this and they have helped others. It's just that we need to stand up to our oppressers Those that want us to pay a fee for being late. I remember I failed to make payments on my credit cards and they charged me for for it. Talk about bullying the poor and punishing them. I had an illness to, but do they care. They just kick you while you are down. We as the people need to stand up to the Powers. Not by Violence, but by different tactics. The Civil Rights Movement did just that and it challenged the laws. There are tactics to fight and we just have to take action and not let it happen or suppress us. You have to wonder where the money is going.

     Whoever made the money idea is evil. Now numbers on the screen determine who is richer then the other. What makes President Obama better then me. The stress of a job of dealing with people for what's right for the country which he is not doing. He acted like an ass during the debates and answered nothing. Yet he won on a technicality because Mitt Romney didn't focus much on the storm when it hit. He was no where near to be found. I am a fighter and fight everyday with very little money and I work a job that I won't mention what goes on, I write on the side and I have endured every emotional stress internally more so then him. I've read 72 books for the past 4 years. Endured a group that bullied each other everyday to get themselves to the top. Yet just because I don't have the title of President of the United States I don't have those benefits. He is a bully and he gets bullied by others. Why can't we have a President for once who does the right thing for the people. And sometimes the right thing is not the popular choose to many and yet we put up with this bull shit. Everyday. We start our revolts but they go no where and are laughed at. Where is our Arab Spring? Where is our revolution and our voice? Just like the American Revolution it started with the Boston Tea Party and now is time for the true Revolution to take place. A Peaceful Revolution that restores our rights as citizens of the United States.

     Put an end to the bullying people and take back your rights. If everybody revolts creatively and takes back this country then we could make this world a better place.

Monday, January 14, 2013

My Fire Within and Bullying

     What inspires me to write or live? Well if you look at my life that was filled with tragedy I bounced back and I'm driven more then ever before. I want to first start where I was in grammer school. I was bullied like many. It wasn't physical, but it was mental. They teased me because I "was slow enough" to catch on and they ganged up on the weakest link. But I had emptiness and an aura of grief surrounding me, maybe it was from my family. I was discplined like my and feared doing the wrong thing and this made me suspect to bullying because I wouldn't do the wrong thing or feared it. I was teased by my cousin and pushed around by my brother, but this was normal I was the youngest in the group and I wasn't quick by coming up with the jokes. I remember having my wars with my cousin. But the teasing in class was bad.

     I remember one year at the end of the school year I agreed to say something bad about someone I didn't want to say but was manipulated to say it. As a result, the next day I was bombarded by the whole class who was out for blood as if I created a grave sin. I never forgot that day like many. The next year I vowed to rise above and be someone in that class and it happened.

     I graduated and went to high school and endured more bullying. This bullying wasn't physical, but there were threats and there was outnumbering and I was bullied into getting everyone at my tables lunches. It hurt me and I vowed that I would not do it again and that I would be someone by the time I graduated. And I was.

     I graduated high school went to college and a few years later I developed a mental illness and I am treated as the sick one. You believe that society masks the problem. Everyone is sick around me and I am treated with the illness. I had developed anger or rage through years that had built up through the years and finally I vented and now people were scarred of me. Maybe they were looking into the mirror and seeing themselves in it.

     I later develop a sex addiction and a gambling addiction from the emptiness I had from 3 to 4 years of mental and verbal and the rest of the years. I developed massive debt. So I did what I had to do and seek a spiritual healer. This might not be popular to many, but I needed help and the people who I could turn to the most weren't there for me and this hurt the most. So I became driven.

     And despite the struggles I faced with my job fearing if they would keep me or get rid of me and winding up with no hours do to finacial hardships I have a stronger fuel burning in me and I won't be defeated no matter how hard the Devil tries to beat me. I know God will provide.

     And I write and by my life time If I make it big as a writer I plan on speaking up against bullied and bullying takes many faces. There is physical, mental, verbal, sexual, spiritual, emotional, financial. We are bullied many ways and it's time to take our rights back and do something to change our victim status. I'm tired of being a victim and I will write many books if I have to or speak on the cause if I have to. People should say something despite the fear and I know this I didn't say something and I nearly got beat up and pushed around in the bathroom. I was to pride and it cost me emotional scars that are still healing. And I am uptight about many things and have paranoia through whatever situation I face.

     We are bullied by our parents, brothers and sisters, cousins, classmates, friends, boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wifes, coworkers, bosses, our financial system, credit card companies, churches, our government, even the President of the United States is a bully and doesn't care for our needs. All the bullies are insecure about themselves and we need to stand up and not through a violent method, but doing a buddy system and stand up to our oppressors.

Stand up to bullying

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Bio of Meir Ben-Haim in A Soul Warrior's Journey

     Power in leadership corrupts and with Meir Ben-Haim in A Soul Warrior's Journey his ruthlessness in Egypt as ruler he carries out his actions as follows and is hated by all of Egypt. When he is written into the book his speaking role starts in Part II of the book. To paint a scenario for you, he is the ruthless leader in Egypt and like the Arab Springs and revolution that took place in Egypt for freedom, they want Meir and his regime out. They don't like how things are run and they want a new regime to take over. However, Meir and his chief general, General Akbar believe otherwise.

     They believe in keeping things the old ways and also they believe that the people don't know what's best for them. They fight for this, but the people revolt. At the same time, Meir wants to carry out his vendetta against Matteus Andersen. It was his understanding that Matteus had botched a healing attempt on him and he wants revenge and he wants blood.

     When he finds out that Matteus and his friends are in Egypt, he has them tracked and he wants Matteus dead by his own hands. He has his new spiritual advisor Darius try to calm him down, until Meir, the leader of Egypt goes missing.

     Meir is an angry individual and is bitter over what had happens and he needs the right kind of healing, but is he getting the right kind. Read this book when it comes out and you'll find out.

Monday, January 7, 2013

A Bio of Matteus Andersen in A Soul Warrior's Journey

     Matteus Andersen is introduced in this book in the second chapter of this book. He gets bumped into by Joseph Woods, who is battling his addictions. He then develops into a mentor to Joseph. When I was thinking of a mentor of this character I was thinking of Socrates in the Way of a Peaceful Warrior and Wil in The Celestine Prophecy series. He helps him with his dilemmas and helps him unlock some of his past lives that he has had.

     Matteus also like Joseph Woods has dealt with his own issues of revenge or the refrain from it. His wife was burned alive by the authority of Meir Ben-Haim, the leader of Egypt. He is said to retaliate do to a botched healing attempt which made him become the evil dictator he is right now. Matteus and his daughter Ericka later fled to the United States and Matteus started to practice Acupunture in the US in New York. He vowed not to return to Egypt, but Joseph Woods past life memories lead him back to fulfill a journey to Egypt risk danger from Meir and his army.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Bio of Joseph Woods in A Soul Warrior's Journey

     In my upcomining book A Soul Warrior's Journey, here is a bio of one of the characters in the book Joseph Woods. Joseph Woods is battling many issues. He had an episode where he went to the hospital and he was battling depression, but it developed into anger and later he was heavily medicated and wasn't the same again.

     A few years later, he became a gambling addict and a sex addict and he was on a downward spiral going nowhere and it was eating him alive. Then one day he bumped into Matteus Andersen, who was an acupuncturist. This chance meeting had changed his life and led him on a spiritual journey or a soul journey.

     In this journey he finds out about his past lives through dreams, meditation and acupuncture. Some of the dreams and meditations in the book are some dreams and meditions that me as a writer have had and experienced.

     These dreams, meditations and acupuncture sessions takes him on a soul journey that takes him to lives that he has lived in Rome, Italy and in Egypt. Joseph Woods realizes through this soul work that he has spirits that haunt him from the past and he needs to go to Egypt to begin to solve them.

     First, Joseph Woods must deal with his situation from his social circle. Joseph Woods once had a crush with Emily Dickens, but she didn't feel for him in that way. In the beginning of the book it crashed in his face and he crashed and burned even got sick over it. It was years later that Shawn Williams brought her back into the picture. He made it seem that he wasn't after her, but then he went with her with Joseph Woods seeing them. This feeling hurt, but it was what he needed to move on, but all he did was to let his wounds heal and come back stonger, but revenge was on his mind.

     Overall, Joseph Woods has issues to deal with and he has to be a warrior of the soul to face them. And in this journey he is on he will soon discover his journey is bigger then he can imagine. Joseph Woods story will unfold as this book unfolds, more the reason to buy this book when it comes out to see the epic tale unfold.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Summary of Part II in A Soul Warrior's Journey

     Part II of A Soul Warrior's Journey takes place where Joseph Woods, Matteus Andersen, and Ericka Andersen have a journey to Egypt and they need to fulfill a mission in the seven pyramids and the sphinx. This is a mission to free the spirits that are haunting Joseph Woods. They all need to perform certain ceremonies to free those spirits. However, they are in the territory of Meir Ben-Haim the ruler of Egypt and he is out for revenge on Matteus Andersen. It was his understanding that Matteus messed him up with his healing.

     Meir has General Akbar to hunt Joseph, Matteus and his friends down. Meir seeks advice from Darius his spiritual advisor now. Meir has connections in the Vatican and has practiced for years, but can Darius be trusted. As the book reveals, he is on a mission of his own.

      This part of the book is an adventure and it is a good read and will set the stage for book number two. The next blogs I will discuss a little bit about the characters in the book.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Brief Introduction of A Soul Warrior's Journey

      What is A Soul Warrior's Journey? It is a book that I have written that is yet to be published. I started working on in September 2010 and I finished it in the Summer of 2012. My plans are to release this book on an ebook, but let me explain or give a brief summary of the book. Then in future blogs I will discuss about the characters in the book and the themes.

      In A Soul Warrior's Journey, the main character is Joseph Woods. He is a gambling and sex addict who one day bumps into Matteus Andersen, who an acupuncturist. It's the one day that changes his life and sets him on a soul journey. Matteus counsels him out of his addictions and through his various problems and with acupuncture he discovers his past life memories which lie in Egypt. He was a benevolent ruler and he is paying karma in this lifetime as spirits haunt him.

     At the same time, he is dealing with his friend Shawn Williams, who reminds him of his failures and of Emily Dickens a woman whom he liked, but didn't like him back. This starts a fued with carries on in the first part of the book.

     Overall Joseph is dealing with issues of revenge and forgiveness and it is the central theme of the book and Matteus is not letting that revenge get the best of him. To his knowledge his wife was killed in a fire by the orders of Meir Ben-Haim, who is the leader of Egypt. Matteus and his daughter Ericka escaped Egypt and fleed to America. They didn't want to go back to Egypt, but Joseph past life memories lead them back to Egypt. There is a lot more going on in the book and in the next blog I will discuss Part II of the book.

     Everybody enjoy your journey.

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