Thursday, February 21, 2013

An update on what I've been working on this past week.

This past week from Thursday to today I have been busy. I downloaded my book A Soul Warrior's Journey on Amazon Kindle and I have downloaded my book on print on demand. That would mean if people wanted to they could get that book on or Amazon. It is a little more for the book then the ebook. It will be $12.99 for the book and $7.99 for the ebook.

Another thing I have been working on is my new website I figure with all the ideas I have going for me now it's time for a new website to market them. In this website I feature a short story series called A Struggle to Hollywood. It is a story about four actors who are trying to break it into Hollywood. Other features on the site are excerpt from my book A Soul Warrior's Journey and my other writings or writings of others. It should be a good site.

I know it seems that I have not written in this blog for awhile, but I will write in it again and I will continue to write about the book A Soul Warrior's Journey and I will let you know when it is released on Amazon or

Until next time.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The release for A Soul Warrior's Journey is today 2/15/2013 and my up and coming website

I am writing everyone on this blog to inform you that A Soul Warrior's Journey is now released on Amazon Kindle. The lauch date was today 2/15/2013.

I personally want to thank everybody that has helped me throughout the making of this book. In the acknowledgements of my book. I thank a lot of people and for those of whom I forgot I want to thank them to. I want to thank my supporters to. For those who have taken time out of their busy schedule to read my blog on A Soul Warrior's Journey.

I want to let you know that every blog I have done I do not get paid to write. I am doing it for my supporters. Maybe another incentive is through advertising affiliates, but that would be extra.

I have a vision to do a website This website will feature updates on my book A Soul Warrior's Journey, A little on the work What am I grateful for? that I write in the wordpress blog. Also there is a work that I've done called The Struggle to Hollywood, a story of four actors who are trying to make it in Hollywood and are trying to get acting gigs after their last acting class. They meet once every month to talk how their acting career is going. Plus I will have two or more writers that I know who will market their work on this website.

This is just the beginning of my writing careers. It is said if you do something you love, the money would follow. Well I found something I love, and I know the money and more will follow. Most people are miserable with their jobs. I know I have been, but despite whatever my job situation is. I will perservere and do what I love and that's write. I am finally putting together all that I have learned in years and I'm putting it together.

Again I want to thank everyone again, without your help for those who have supported me and for those who were in my life good or bad I want to thank you. A Soul Warrior wouldn't be possible with out you.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Bio of Ericka Andersen in A Soul Warrior's Journey

In A Soul Warrior's Journey, Ericka Andersen is the daughter of Matteus Andersen. After the murder of her mother and Matteus's wife, Ericka and Matteus had split up in different areas of the U.S. They kept in contact though. Until a journey to Egypt brings them together again. She warns him of the danger of going back and winds up going back to Egypt to.

Ericka then meets Joseph Woods and helps him out spiritually. She helps him deal with the problems he is having. They are on guard for danger from Meir Ben-Haim and Darius of whom Joseph doesn't trust.

The role of Ericka, even though little is mentioned about her she is an important member of the cast. Her interests are in Philosophy, meditation and herbal healing.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bio of Paul Franks in A Soul Warrior's Journey

     This blog will be about the character Paul Franks in A Soul Warrior's Journey. Paul Franks is a friend of Joseph Woods. For those who have not been following this blog. Joseph Woods is a character in the book who has addiction problem and he bumps into an acupuncturist to help him with some of his problems. Paul gives Joseph a hard time, but not as much as their mutual friend Shawn Williams.

     Paul has given Joseph a hard time, but his views change after Joseph leaves the group for a little bit. Once he goes out with Stephanie. He starts to see the true colors of Shawn. As Shawn flirts with Stephanie, despite having a girlfriend in Emily Dickens. Emily is the women that Joseph once had a crush on, but she fell for Shawn and went with Shawn with Joseph seeing them.

     Emily than sees Shawn with Stephanie and tells Paul, but Shawn tries to lie. Paul gets suspicious and asks for Joseph for help. Joseph is brought back into the their story. The story unfolds.

     Paul's story might be small, but it is significant when it comes to Joseph's story in the first chapter of the book.

     Stay tuned for more bios of characters in A Soul Warrior's Journey.

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