Monday, April 28, 2014

The Passage of Joe: How Important is the Salesperson?

How does someone convince yourself to do something in life. To buy a product, get involved with life or the opposite to get you to feel bad about yourself so you want the product. That is the salesperson. And I've been doing a lot of thinking about that. Many people now a days are trying to sell you on products, more and more. I'm even selling products, but there is an importance of it. With a society that feels that they are out of control a product might help. And do it better then the one you've got. As I learned this week about salespeople. People who are pushy and someone who was nice and wanted to help.

In life people are pressured in to doing something when they have doubts. This is why products sell themselves. However, when they are pressured into get something or joining something they hate the product or regret joining. However, if someone is nice then you will love the product use it or want to make it work.

The good salesmen are the richest people in the world. They had the ability to succeed and convince the other no matter the odds. They faced rejection many times and got up and continued. There is some pressure about a salesperson, but it has to be the persons decision and despite that pressure, they will want to do it.

I know successful salespeople and I know unsuccessful salespeople and I have even been a salesperson, but only selling my own products and truth is all of us are salespeople and we sell everyday. We even sell ourselves. We convince ourselves into something or out of something all the time and perhaps that makes the ultimate decision on other peoples trying to sell us. Perhaps I ask you the question, How Important is the Salesperson?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Passage of Joe: Marketing Yourself in Today's World

How do you market yourself in today's world? Is all lost? Or have the opportunities not present themselves? What is the key to success?

First, there is marketing. You need to be a good at marketing yourself and to be a good businessman or business woman. The fact is we all have the tools to succeed in life and haven't had that business opportunity presented to them and some have. And you have to work for success.

I haven't been doing the right things like many. Like many I am an employee. I work for the benefit for others and I miserable with life. I bust my ass in two jobs and I work on my dream on the side, but I am going nowhere and the sad thing is like many I dedicate my hard earned hours and I'm either not treated good or not even paid attention to. I'm just doing a job. However, one of my jobs they look out for my health. They gave me time off to recuperate. I have been stressed like many. How do you market yourself when the environment doesn't support you.

You have to create your own way and when your family tells you it's no good don't do it or your environment complains about life you find a new way to let life work for you. And it's going to be a lot of work, but it will be worth it at the end unlike a job that you labored how many years for and the thanks they give you is 12 hours a week. And you need to get another job.

A way out is using the same marketing tools you use and creating a business. Create residual income and let money work for us. We have become dependent on our jobs while opportunities my be nowhere around us until they find us.

My dream is to write and I can do that. It is possible. I wrote two books when I was told by a job that I worked at for many years that I had better look for another job even though they held on to me. And my dream continues. I didn't give up. I'm making life a reality for me and you will see in the coming months that I will not be a prisoner of life, but I will be make life work for me and I have the heart to make it. It's a matter of that effort you put into what you will market and how good of a salesperson you are.

I also want to be a business owner now and escape my environment and it's not that I don't like my environment because I do, but there is negativity and nobody thinks it's possible to escape their lives. They want comfort.

However, how comfortable are we in jobs that could lay us off in a blink of an eye, if we are policeman and in the army how comfortable are they when they could be shot and killed. How comfortable are we when we work in a job for 30 years and we can't afford the payments on the house anymore. The truth is in this life we are not comfortable and we have to risk a little.

We have to put ourselves out there in a smart way. People will find us when we have money or something to offer, they are users. They were either no where to be found or kicked us when we are down. Life is a cruel place and you have to be tough and be willing to work hard to make it. Many people don't realize this concept. But you also have to help others get what they want like Zig Ziglar said. This is the key to marketing in this world and we do it every day. The old world still applies in this world. It's just now we have technology.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Passage of Joe: The Revival

Everything is a sign and everybody has their day in court and everybody deserves a second chance, but what does it take to resurrect something that has been buried an and forgotten in the ashes? What's is going to take in a changed world while living with the old values? How do you instill those beliefs in a world that cares about themselves. Everyone is into themselves now and the wars are out for control. How do the ancient values survive in a world that has moved on from them? How does the heart matter in this world?

That is you fight for it. You comeback even though their are days that you don't want to get up. You comeback even though the world has left you behind. Sure there may be people that will put you down, sure there will be people who say that dream is impossible, but you have to rise above all of that and continue. You have to move on, but come back with something fierce. A fire like none other then before.

It is a desire, but more then that it is a revival. When you think of revivals you think about being born again and in reality it is. It is like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly as Rick Levine said. The caterpillar doesn't want that change and is scared, but has to go with that flow and let something form. That is the revival.

We might have faced our darkness, but that is us in a cocoon, we might have been hardened to life. But something great happens and that is it becomes a butterfly it has it's powers. We don't have to study this because we see it every spring and we see butterflies fly.

Everything is a sign. I'm ready for life knowing that I'm going to get beat up, but I know there are victories. Even if it is one soul after another. The greatest misconception is that we are all lost, I don't believe that. I believe we are all in a cocoon and we are just forming to fly.

Yes, it is possible to have superhuman powers, but the key is in using your inner strength to shape that person and mold them. Not in what you want, but to help them with their own path. Everybody is different and the drive keeps us going.

As for the revival, when we die on the inside, we later are born again. This is where are true journey begins.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Passage of Joe: Keeping your drive going despite defeat, story about Daniel Bryan

How does one keep your drive going, especially after getting knocked down. It could be in a good way or a bad way. I'm not going to focus on getting knocked down and dwelling on it. I'm going to talk about getting knocked down and keep on going and get up where you last left off like it didn't happen.

In my life, I've had situations where my inside were ripped out of me, I've been in situations where my job was on the line, and I've been in situations where I've failed miserably in love, also where my writing wasn't good. I've had flaws in all areas and I take no offense, but defeat only drives me to be better at what I do. I know I'm not a best seller now or I'm not a famous celebrity, but I'm in it like in a marathon. I know there are some days where I don't feel like going. I've had those days. I've had days where I knew a major argument was coming and I had to fight to make that phone call when I was fighting myself to do so because I knew I would get scorned if I hadn't call back. We all had bad days.

I've faced illness, addiction, verbal and psychological abuse, and all other stress, but I'm still standing and I'll be damned if one loss is going to get in my way for living my dream. I'm going to write many things. I'm going to live my life being free.

I will have that freedom and I will live my life despite defeat. I might have lost many battles in life, but I will win the war and I will finish out on the top of my dream. This is the attitude we should have, and rather we are chanting for a hero to lead us as the WWE Universe has rallied behind Daniel Bryan showing support. Or like a head of an organization, HHH, who says Daniel is the latest flavor of the month.

If WrestleMania XXX is any story to what could go down it is a story of someone who has worked very hard, doesn't fit corporate mold and everyone supports him for how much HHH did to him. It's that fight that keeps on driving a man. It's when a boss says your no good or pushes you aside. People rally behind him because they can relate. They are tired of the corporations. They want the ma and pa stores back. They want small businesses to run everything. This is true with writing, videos, and other things.

Daniel Bryan is just one story of someone who has been through a lot and has come along way. Their are many of us and we just have to fight for what we believe in. We have to work at it and as I heard Rick Levine say the change has to happen on the inside of us. This is the Passage of Joe.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Update for the Month of April 2014

Last month I didn't accomplish that much with my writing I attempted to start a segment to a blog called what am I grateful for? And I tried to continue a blog entry called The Passage of Joe. I did complete an interview and was working on another one, but I have been busy outside of writing. I have been busy working my two jobs and working on getting my finances in better shape then before.

This is what I will cover on the update for the month of April. Money is very essential to live and I have been reading a book called Smart Couples, Finish Rich. It has given me idea on how to put aside my money. I am like most people, I didn't spend my money right, but I am here to say it is not to late for anyone. People who are in their 50's can do it. Luckily I'm 34 turning 35 this year. I have a ways to go, but I'm going to get there. It all starts with saving money and building up a fund. Then start putting more aside for your debt rather it's bad debt or college loan debts. Start doubling up your payments and as David Bach mentioned in the Latte Factor. We are spending on small things we don't need. And I heard from one of my close friends who told me if we spend on things we want, we sure as hell better put that aside.

Sometimes people who aren't making that much money value their dollar more than those who have it. The rich sometimes spend more than they make and wind up broke. Bottom line as I learned the hard way it takes control and saving up to do something with your money and it takes doing something with it afterwards rather it is in retirement, emergency fund and a dream fund. It's better to do this rather than the immediate gratification of getting something. Sometimes you have to resist that urge and this is what I've learned during lent. Even though I am not perfect I worked on giving up buying books for lent. This has taught me about control and even though I know I spend, I have the power to give up something.

Giving up buying books is not easy and the temptations are there. Every time I walk into Barnes & Noble or a used book store, that temptation is there. I have to remind myself that I can't buy it for this reason. In turn I gained an appreciation for the books that I have. And instead of looking anywhere else, I am looking at my home or even the library.

I know that this is not what I have accomplished with my writing, but in life there is a whole lot more and even though I am a writer, situations have to be in order before anything else is done. I still learn and work on my dream even though I took a break, but now I've come back again and again. I might not write as much as before because I am starting a book. So I have a lot on my plate and when I'm ready details of that book will be ready.

Keep on reading and stay with this blog, my best stuff has not been made yet.

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