Sunday, August 9, 2015

Putting Money Aside for Those Fun and Exciting Times in Life

With it being August a time to relax and go on vacation. It's that time of year to think about using your money with something fun. And this can be done any time of year. Rather you are going to Vermont for a skiing trip, backpacking in Europe, or going on that memorable trip to Disney. And the fun things you can do don't even have to be out of town. I'm sure your town has many things going on and if your town is small, maybe you have to travel to the next town.

With many things to do for fun, let's talk about what you can do for fun. How do you save for fun? How do you put a fund together for the moments that will last a lifetime?

A fund like this takes time to build up and it should be started at anytime. Either it's putting down $5 a paycheck or $50 a paycheck. You want this fund to mean something for you. And a little bit each time it will build up for you. And the idea is to have fun with with. You don't want to put money aside and not enjoy it. However, there has to be discipline in having this fund.

There are some tips in having this fund.

  1. Disclipline: You've got to train yourself not to spend your cash in this fund. This is mainly impulse spending. You want the money to be there when you need it.
  2. As I mentioned before, you want to contribute some money for this fund every paycheck. You can set the amount. There is no limit. It can be a little and it can be a lot as long as you set what you need to set you'll be ok.
  3. If you can't use credit great. Most things for fun go on your credit and that doesn't go over very well and expenses build up through time. As long you have cash for it, you won't have to pay it back.
These are just some tips. I'm sure there are more, but you want your fun fund to serve you well. You want to have a memorable occasion with not having to pay it back. This is one way of looking at it. And if you are on vacation this month, enjoy your vacation.

For more about saving ideas, my book can be found on Amazon. It is called Saving: How to Save Your Money (Book 2 of Money: Learning the Basics).

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog. If you enjoyed what you read or if you wanted to add something please comment. I am interested in what you have to say. And thank you for reading this blog.  

Thursday, August 6, 2015

How Fast Food Costs Us Money?


Everyday People around the world eat Fast Food. They come home late at night and they are hungry. The natural impulse is to eat Fast Food. Rather it's a McDonalds, a Burger King, Taco Bell, an Arby's or something quick. And with this kind of thinking people are losing their money on a day to day basis.

Fast Food is also the growing problem of obesity to. Many people don't want that wait or to cook their food after works. That is why it is easy to do.

However, their are benefits of brown bagging it for lunch. What can you do to save money on fast food?

1. Brown Bag or can it for lunch. a can costs $1 compared to McDonalds which might cost $6 to $8 depending on what you get. Maybe more if you are buying for someone.
2. Save that money and then at the end of the week treat yourself to a nice restaurant. Why eat quick when you could have your food in a nice atmosphere.
3. You can limit fast food to 1 or 2 days a week. this will cut back on your expenses and you can use the money towards bills or another expense.
4. You can save at least $40 or more not getting fast food. It can put money in the bank.

These are just some tips and also a final one, your health. You can put years on your life by not eating fast food all the time this is something that can be helpful in the long run.

With more money and years on your life you can't go wrong. For finding out more about this book you can go to Saving: How To Save Your Money (Money: Learning the Basics Book 2). 

I want to hear your comments good or bad I would like to know what you thought. If I missed something or if I covered what you wanted just let me know. And Thank You for reading this blog. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Can We Cutback on Coffee To Save Money?

I love my coffee as anyone else. I won't deny that I am a big coffee drinker. I go to The Coffee House in Edison, NJ a local coffee shop in town for my coffee. And how can I work or go anywhere else without my coffee. I've spent about $5,000 on coffee in a span of 5 years. I'm a writer and it is an expensive habit. I do enjoy it, but there is alternative ways that I could approach having that coffee in the morning.

Many people love there coffee fix including me. They go to Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts or a local coffee shop in town. Many people go for the atmosphere and the coffee. They love working on whatever their doing and having their coffee.

However, is there an alternative way we can save money for the sake of our fix. For starters, we can go to the library and make our own coffee when we go. This gives us the opportunity to work in a different environment. This creates a different way of approaching our finances.

Also, you can cut down on coffee and get yourself a hot coffee. This is much cheaper, but in the summer who can think of having a hot drink, that's why iced coffee's go.

All of this is good theory, but we are creatures of habit. We like our environment to go to. This is why many people like bars and go to coffee shops. This is why I like going to coffee shops. And it is a crutch of mine and many. Writing and Coffee go hand and hand and it adds up. This is what David Bach suggested in the Latte Factor when he said small expenses add up and could be used for retirement investments.

And maybe their is a way you don't have to give up that cup of joe as long as you put some aside for when you need it, then maybe you can still drink that coffee everyday.

For more on tips about saving go to my book Saving: How to Save Your Money (Money: Learning the Basics Book 2).

In my other blogs this month I will be discussing about personal finances as is important to all of us.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How Can We Not Get Trapped By Our Credit Card

As everyone knows we are a society in debt. Many of the Americans including me are in debt. We either maxed out our Credit Cards or we are knee high into debt with our Student Loans. How did we become a society that is in debt?

First off let me explain how this happens, when we are 18 years old, credit card companies approach us with the idea we can have anything we want with a credit card and they hook us. This is when you go to college.

Second, I didn't mention this in the my book Going Broke: Learning from Financial Mistakes (Money: Learning the Basics Book 1), but I'm going to mention about how whenever you go to a retail store, no names included, they push you to open a credit card. The customer or person is forced to get a credit card for the purchase. Wherever you go they try to get you to open a credit card and it's bad. Next thing you know, you are $1,000 or more in debt with that card. This is how they get you and I'm not going to include the interest they charge which is ridiculous.

This is the trap of the Credit Card. Credit Cards makes it so easy to buy whatever you want, but you have they pain of paying the card increment out of increment. How do you escape this trap? How do you discipline yourself to just spend on emergency situations?

This is discipline and maturity. The parent of the child should teach them about money and about credit earlier on. Some do, but many don't and just because they didn't prepare themselves many are going broke as I mention this and other topics in my book about the subject.

We are a society that needs to learn from our mistakes and learning about our credit cards is one of them. What do we need to do?

1. Use Credit Cards only for Emergency
2. Learn about what expenses to Make on the Card. If we can pay cash, maybe through saving we can accomplish that.
3. Teach our family members, our kids, or significant other how to use the credit card or have an open discussion about money.

These will teach others and yourself about important strategies needed with money. I hope this has been helpful. In other blogs I will discuss this topic of money. I will discuss the importance of this because I feel it is important that we know our finances.

Please Comment and Thank You for Reading this Blog.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Donald Trump, America, and The Harvest.

I've had a busy year this year and now it is finally quit so I can now touch base with everyone on what is coming out and what I have been working on behind the scenes for products you might want.

First of, let me apologize for those comments I made in the Donald Trump posts. I was fueled by his speech and reacted as most people do. I might have said unfair words towards people out of the country. This is not a true statement. There are good people who work hard to get to where they are no matter what background.

My only issue is that whoever comes into the country needs to legally do so. Being an American used to mean something and I am aware that America has made many mistakes throughout it's history, but there was a time where you were proud to be an American. You had that feeling. It was a feeling from a different time. Now you don't get that feeling anymore and I can't describe it. People are a lot more ruder where I live. It might be different wherever you're from.

But it's an issue we all face with whatever race, creed, or gender we are. This world is not friendly and before we had people who would make the world work and now people get upset if it is not moving very fast that is why we need to slow down an reevaluate. That is the purpose of this blog.

What do I need to re-evaluate? A lot of things. I've been working so hard releasing many books starting from September. Not all of them I released that I worked on, but mostly all of them are out. I tried to keep my mind fresh with ideas, but as September will be one month right now it's what my friend told yesterday it's The Harvest.

The Harvest was a time of year where your hard work paid off. It was a time of year where your work you put in since January or earlier would pay off. It is the nature of the Harvest. We have worked hard so we can now reap the rewards of this time.

Why am I writing this in August? It is because now it the time to prepare those crops. For me it's not crops it's books. Either Kindle or Paperback or Audio Books. I've done a lot this past year and now it's time for me to prepare for the next months ahead. I feel excited that I put that work in. It has been the most productive I have been with writing as far as producing stuff for myself in my life time. So whatever I get with my Harvest I will be happy.

This has been the first full year of work with my business and now I have a logo which I will release on this site that I am proud of. it fits my name and my brand. This brand is something I worked hard on and I am proud of.

That is why I believe we should Persevere with your Dreams and Love Life which is my new mission statement. Through this year I've been trying to find an identity and maybe some of the stuff I write won't hit, but maybe some of it will. I just have to be able to put that work in and hope for a good Harvest.

In another blog I write I will discuss about The Harvest and the future blogs I write will be on the Money: Learning the Basics Series of books I wrote. I won't copy them. I will write about that topic and create new material on the blog. I will create blog posts worthwhile about writing and get you to start thinking about your money.

Until next time Thank you for reading.

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