Friday, February 28, 2014

Monthly Report for March 2014

This is the Monthly Report for March 2014. First I will discuss a little bit of what I worked on this month and I will discuss what I will work on the month of March.

For the month of February, I worked on a feature in this blog called The Passage of Joe, which is turning into a self help, motivational and inspirational blog. I also did an interview with Steve Beal, who is a musician and artist in the New Jersey and New York area. I also bought a new camera so I could take footage of myself speaking about any topic. A camera helps me take pictures and video footage which I need right now. I took two videos of Steve Beal playing to test out my camera and posted them on youtube. I also created two videos featuring my poems.

In the month of March, I plan on doing the same of what I have been doing, except I will be tweaking some of the stuff I am doing. I like writing the Passage of Joe and I will try to write this blog once or twice a week depending on what is going on that week.

 I will be interviewing Carole Burde Semel, who once did the cover from the Family Circle magazine and offered her recipes in the magazine. She also has a catering business Catering By Carole. And also, she has a recipe book to. It should be a good interview.

I will also be interviewing JT McGuire, who is a videographer, director, and editor of films. He also does indie films.for Central New Jersey. I look forward to the interview.

We each have an area of expertise and we might not be the star all the time, but we might be contributed to something very important to an even bigger story than we might not even see and just a side project I'll try to interview people once in awhile.

In this month and the coming months, I will be working on doing videos. They might be self taken, but it is a start of where I want to go. I want to work on my presentation a little more and I'm going to keep on working on it until I get better at. It is a work in progress.

When I get my new laptop, I will be working on a book. I don't know what I will write, but I will start something on the side.

In life as I've mentioned, you've got to work on your dream and I am working on mine. I am coming to the acceptance of not demanding money upon myself for doing what I am doing now, but I'm enjoying what I am doing right now. I enjoy meeting people to interview. I enjoy writing The Passage of Joe, I enjoy working on videos and there may be days where I have to force myself to do it or I might not feel like doing it, but I do it. I know I am working towards something.

Next month should be a good month and despite not being as established as I want to be. It is a life long process and eventually there will be an output for the good I will be doing. And there is a reward just for the people who read my blogs or watch my videos.

Thank you everybody and stay tuned for the Month of March 2014.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Passage of Joe: Not Quitting to Life Dreams

In Life we face many trials and tribulations. Some of which I mentioned in some of these Passages of Joe, but it shouldn't mean that we give up on our dreams. We have to keep going. We keep on continuing even if we want to quit. I say don't quit.

In life we face many obstacles and get knocked down. We may even feel like wanting to give up on our dreams. And in our dreams we have to fight as I've said yesterday. And you need to continue no matter how hard it is. You might not have money, or in a bad location, or might not have the right tools, etc., but you should quit or make excuses. You find a way to do what you want to do. By being creative and innovative you can do what you want. You could envision your dream and let it challenge yourself until you keep your goal in mind. Become one with it.

This is how I approach life. I don't say I'm going to be a writer or a video maker.I am it. I made myself it. There is always room for improvement, but you don't quit.

I faced illnesses, addictions, and I thought I lost sight of my vision, but I didn't quit. The debt might have been overwhelming, but I continued. I read. I read as if my life was depended on it and it was. I needed to make that change and that was 6 1/2 years ago. I wanted to cry, but I got focused and started to get my priorities straight and I might get hard on myself at times, but I worked on my dreams and I regained my sight and I didn't quit.

Since then 75 books read, 2 books written, and a drive that continues even though there are days that are hard. But for me, it's focus or fall down and I would rather focus on my passion. It's the only way we become who we are despite the illnesses, the addictions, and our poor situations.

We shouldn't quit on lifes dreams. It's the only thing that keeps us alive. It's the only thing that makes us real.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Passage of Joe: Living the Dream

I once heard from someone I used to work with who happened to be number one in sales with a company country wide. He told me many times He was Living the Dream. This Passage is for him. Because he had the right idea. He strived for the best every day and he had the right attitude greeting people and making the sales. For those in JC Penney know his name. He kept himself in positive spirits and surrounds himself with positive people striving to better themselves. I often asked the question what does it mean to live the dream? And what do you go through to live the dream?

To live the dream, you've got to fight for the dream. And you've got to keep that dream going no matter how hard it gets. It might be the road less traveled, but there is a reward there to it. And there is a reward to greatness. Every time you go for a sale, every time you go for the marathon, every time you go for a best seller. You have to work for the dream and when you get it, you have to fight to keep it and you keep going. To be number 1 is where everybody rallies for you and even if they are against you, you strive towards greatness.

Even if you don't achieve greatness, you keep working. Despite the loss and rough times. And we faced many, but we have to be driven to change everything. We might have poor economy, poor government, poor friends, poor everything, but we have to change all of that and go to make a difference and truly live the dream.

We face our lives with a smile on our face because we know we lived our dream and we have done it every day. This is true success.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Passage of Joe: Drive

On this Passage of Joe I want to talk about drive. What drives the force within? Let me tell you a story, last year my job didn't give me the hours. I was maybe at one day a week at both jobs. I was told I needed to find another job by a boss even though I'm still there. I might have quit and give in, but I got driven. I couldn't let life get the best of me, so I wrote. I finished two books I was working on last year and I also had extreme pain in my mouth, but I kept going and didn't give in. And still I hold out for something intangible that doesn't make sense. I hold out for my dream with writing. Even if there isn't money there, I do it because it is a way of being. It is a part of me.

In life we got to want to do things or life will bury us."Life will beat us into the ground" as Sylvester Stalone said in Rocky Balboa. And many of us lose focus of our drive. Many of us make excuses or settle with what life gives us. And we slowly die within and become empty and I was there before. But I learned to fight. I learned to come back every day even when the abuse would continue. I came back everyday even when life beat me up a little bit more. I came back when life seamed emptier day in and day out. And even when I wanted to run and hide, I came and fought and despite what people say I left to spiritually train and find myself for a greater cause then before. That's why I write every day or almost everyday and when I don't write, I read or watch videos or listen to audiobooks.

Sure this may be a path least taken, but it's the price for my dream and I have to continue even if I might lose everything. I've lost everything before and wound up in debt, but it only drove me more to get out of the emptiness I was in.

It's what drives me. And life has no meaning if you aren't driven by something. For some its sports, for some it's the love for animals, for some its doing videos, or for some like me it's writing. Life can be so empty if you have nothing in your life that makes you live. Life can mean so much more if you have that desire to live. The desire to fight and say no despite how bad it is. This is what makes us do what we want to do in life and find true success.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Interview with Steve Beal: The Artist, Musician, and Certified Personal Trainer

Interview with Steve Beal: The Artist, Musician, and Certified Personal Trainer


            On a cold and snowy night on February 9, 2014, Steve Beal came to a small place called The Coffee House in Edison, NJ to play music for people who come every week to see him play. His playing on Sunday adds to the feel for The Coffee House. It is a coffee house where almost everyone gets to know each other just as Starbucks used to do many years ago.
            I’ve heard Steve Beal play before, but I kept on hearing the rave about his music as he is the main attraction on the last night of the weekend which is Sunday night. It is a night where people are getting ready to go to work the next day and enjoy their coffee and Steve Beal.
            In this interview I ask the question, “Who is Steve Beal?” And how does he utilize his life to the fullest? And on his busy schedule he took time out of his schedule to be interviewed.
            First I asked for him to tell me a little bit about his background and where he came from.
            Steve Beal said that he is from Brooklyn, NY and he is 58 years old.
            I then asked him when did first discover the passion for art?
            He said, “I first started painting in the first grade and since then it has always been a passion of mine.”
He then discussed a little bit about what he does when he paints.
Steve said, “With my paintings, I draw and paint with water colors and I play music in the background. And when I paint, I lose myself as if I was to become a spectator and the paintings come alive. I take a little piece of myself and add it to my paintings. For example, in my paintings I add a little more blue to the sky than was there before.”
He added that he paints with New York as the setting of his paintings and He has had his art displayed in the Metuchen Inn and the Metuchen Gallery, which led to a question about how he feels when his paintings are sold.
Steve Beal said, “Whenever I sell a painting, it feels as if I sell a piece of my soul. However, I am happy that someone would want to buy a piece of my artwork.”
I then asked him about his second passion which is music. I asked how he got started and what inspired him.
Steve Beal said, “When he first saw The Beatles come on the scene 50 years ago, he knew what he wanted to do.”
He added when they asked for a volunteer for someone to play the guitar at his Catholic Church when he was a kid, he volunteered. Even though he knew nothing about playing the guitar at the time, he remembered what the Beatles sounded like and started to play music with the guitar.
He said, “Out of all the guitars he owns, his favorite is the one he started using in 1989.”
He said he used to play at this place Brewed Awakening Coffee House in Metuchen, NJ It was a coffee house where they were in a circle and they played a little of their song and then another person took over. And then he found The Coffee House last year.
I then asked a question about The Coffee House. It has meant a lot to a lot of people and I asked what has it meant for you?
He said when he met Ben Yabra and Sally Yabra of The Coffee House, he felt a little timid about playing at first, but Ben made Steve feel welcome and told him he was looking for someone to play. His openness helped Steve Beal to take up the endeavor at playing at The Coffee House.
At first when Steve came to The Coffee House he felt as if they were coming for the coffee, but when he came time and time again and saw the same people, he realized they were coming for him and he was flattered.
Steve said, “I enjoy the people I have met at The Coffee House.”
Since he has come to The Coffee House, it has been a platform for Steve to perform. He keeps on challenging himself and wanting to play different music every time he performs. He uses some of the music from his journal he has kept for 20 years.
Steve Beal said, “When I perform, I want to get people to think.”
He also said, “On a side note, I am a Certified Personal Trainer on Skype.”
He works with others doing dumbbell exercises.
Steve Beal said, "People can either find time for fitness now or make time for illness later."
            Steve Beal was a delight to interview. From what I could tell from the interview, he enjoys life and lives to the fullest. He spends time with family, friends and has time for his passion.
            In life, many people lose sight of their passion and do things they don’t enjoy in life. They make excuses and bury their true feelings of what they were meant to do in life. Steve Beal lived his life with passion and the best is still to come.
            He may not be as big as The Beatles, but his heart sold more records then The Beatles for the passion he has for life. I had a pleasure of interviewing Steve Beal and The Coffee House has the pleasure of him perform there. Rather it is in his art, music, or helping someone with their fitness. We should all thank him for what he has done with our community. Keep on going Steve Beal. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Passage of Joe: The Benefits of Being a Giver at Work

In my latest The Passage of Joe I am going to writer about the benefits of being a Giver at work. I watched this video by Michelle McQuaid and it gave good points such as the giver finishes last and first. And the takers claim all the credit for the givers, but eventually their flaws will be spotted and the givers will earn credit.

Givers are the heart of their company. They do all the work and seldom complain. Only time they get upset is when someone is given the promotion that didn't earn it, but they stole the credit. Eventually frauds are found out. But I'm not going to dwell on the Takers. We know what they do.

I'm going to focus on why the givers are the heart. They do all the work and some of it is the work that nobody else will do. Also, they work hard to help others to do their job well. They are the unrewarded leaders. They are humble with their approach to life. They just want to do their job and help others get to the next level even when they are capable of doing what needs to be done.

I am a giver at work. I do a lot of work at work and some of it I don't get credit for at least at my one job. I labor to do everything and not once have I got credit from the higher up. I don't complain, but just do my work. Sometimes I get credit, but I don't move up the ranks. The other job I did get rewarded for my hard work, but the full time job was stressful that I wanted to venture into my writing which I enjoyed. Still I do two jobs, but I just get by.

Some jobs we are capable of doing and others we are not. And we have to know our strengths or work on our weaknesses. The Takers lie their way to the top rather then seeing the skills that they have and use it. Givers give, but they need to learn how to take. Just a little.

We live in a society where 10 % takes and 90 % gives and this equation needs to be balanced. Us givers are the perpetual underdogs trying to work our way up the corporate ladder and maybe for some of us the corporate ladder isn't for us and we need to create another way of living.

The future we have to work towards is a more balanced society and it is one where we are more matchers than either giver or takers, but for the mean time we have to learn how to give right as this video suggests. Sometimes we don't get credit for our work and it may seem we are going nowhere, but relax we are doing the best we good and the change happens when we work on the inside.

The greatest things I have done I haven't profited off of or profited a very little and I plan on doing it more until I go somewhere. I know my readers will follow. I may lose a little or gain a little, but I will be rewarded by support and respect and eventually I will go somewhere. This is how we should view our jobs. If we don't do it for them, we should do it for us. We should look for ways that will make us stand out. We don't want to be ordinary. This is The Passage of Joe.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

The Passage of Joe: Freedom at the Workplace

In this Passage of Joe I'd like to add my commentary on this video in the Community Call Clip- Freedom in the Workplace on Panic to Freedom. Many points were raised in this video such as why we aren't free in the workplace and our horror stories.

I'm first going to discuss my work experience and I will discuss how the two don't compare.

First, I enjoy writing, blogging and I even could market a video or two. I enjoy this because I'm free, but why am I working in an environment where part of my spirit is miserable in it, but I am a product of my religion's philosophy implanted in me when I was young and it's hard to break.

It's the philosphy of doing what you don't like and suffer and you will be rewarded in the end. This philosophy seems to be flawed in away and needs changing. Now you go to a job with people with negative feelings are depressed with their job and are disempowered to do what they love.

Some have broke free and have done amazing things, but many haven't and are stuck.

Why is this the case? Why can we all be miserable in a job and yet do what we do on this side and be happy with it and not get paid. Shouldn't we have that freedom?

It's true we do face these challenges, but people have been trained this way for 2000 years and now is a time where our freedom has to come back. With freedom comes challenges, but I think we are ready for it. We are ready to be unique and do things amazing. We just have to incorporate the old stagnate rules in the new game we are going to play.

We can beat them in their own game.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Passage of Joe: Financial Freedom

In this latest Passage of Joe I wish to discuss a little about a Panic to Freedom video from Spirit Science with my take on Financial Freedom. In this video they raised many good points such as why do we work so hard and go nowhere working on someone elses dream? And why we aren't wealthy and are broke in a time like this. In other words our perception of money. As Ray said in this video and I agree money has turned into a form of control and their isn't even exchange. They tried their best to answer this question and I will add my answer to this debate.

For starters, the old ways don't work anymore. We can't expect our employers to take care of us and give us hours and in some regards we are doing that job because it is difficult to make it with our talents alone. At least this was the old way of thinking. We were trained to be subservient to our companies who always monitored us to see if we weren't meeting their standards. Such as times where we were working and we were talking to another coworker about something and it was frowned upon by the boss. They didn't like us talking with one another for reasons we might find problems with their engine. And we felt shame for their words as this has been a shame filled society. You feel shame for going for your dreams and that's why we do everything in secret. We are shamed very young by our family and friends and if you were different like me you felt it.

This raises the problem about what is financial freedom. How do you feel comfortable with money, when many of us don't feel good about it or are afraid of success then we sabotage ourselves and live up to societies values. If we fail and complain we follow up to societies values. This is a true battle we face and we have to work past our fears and gain the courage to work on something we love.

For example, anyone who made massive amount of money had created it and they took that money and invested it for help with their vision. Steve Jobs did this. He was an inventor and changed the world and had everyone using his products that he made. He didn't reinvent the wheel. He just made those products better. Now every electronic company is trying to follow in his footsteps. If you asked him what he enjoyed more his creation or his money. He would say if he was alive, his creation.

Money is good. We need money for clothing, food and shelter, also to meet people and to go places we never dreamed of if we are adventurous. The meaning of money is different for each of us, but we could get along on one thing and that we want financial freedom. We don't have to sell our stuff, but we can trade them for value. And we have different values on things. Our companies don't think of us as valuable anymore. We just hold their engine up.

It's time we create something together and change how society does things. Change doesn't happen over night. With our talents we could do amazing thing as Gandhi said, "If you want the change, you have to be the change." We are the change and we could create a world that we want. Financial freedom is just one factor, but it gets there by how we emotionally feel, psychologically think subconsciously and spiritually think. We need to work on all and use our talents to get there.


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