Friday, November 28, 2014

Explaining my Brand of Wolf Revelations

 "A Warrior Lives, Dies, and Fights for A Purpose.
Nothing Can Change that from a warrior in life's struggle."

Joseph Evaldi

I'm going to discuss a little bit about my brand. I have many slogans that could be a brand in itself that's why I kept passageofjoe as my twitter. And I plan on marketing Wolfman Joe in the future which will only be used for wrestling discussion videos. And I know I came out with Wolf Revelations which is one of my sights now. Also, my writing name is Joseph Evaldi.

They say I don't want to send so much out there or it will send a confusing message. Well it's tough because they all are me and in the coming months I have to rethink my marketing strategy or I will tweak certain things.

The fact is I haven't been clear and I have been sending many different messages. I am going to keep it simple and sweet after giving it much thought. My Company Name is Wolf Revelations. This embodies everything I stand for and everything we stand for.

However, it has three divisions amongst Wolf Revelations. First, is the big company name of me writer Joseph Evaldi. For people who know me they call me Joe Evaldi, but for marketing purposes there are other people who are named Joe Evaldi and I have to stand out from the bunch. That is why I call myself Joseph Evaldi. It is my name given at birth and I respect that. And instead of writing under a pen name which I could and I will. My main name I use is Joseph Evaldi.

In this division of the brand I have my Facebook, Blogger site, YouTube and Amazon Page. This is the chunk of my business.

Second division in my business is The Passage of Joe where @passageofjoe on twitter it can be found. For anyone who has followed my story The Passage of Joe is something I wrote in high school and since I was branding before I knew what it was I branded a good saying and it speaks volumes for my writing. It is what conveyed with my message. The Passage of Joe fit Twitter.

Last in my division of Wolf Revelations is Wolfman Joe. Wolfman Joe will be a brand that I use on YouTube  and I will have a wolf mask on and speak about wrestling related topics. This is me to and I don't want to confuse everyone of what I will be doing. When you see me with a mask on you know what I will be doing.

I hope this explains a little more about this company. I know I was doing many different things, but now it is time to organize and get clear of the direction of this company.

I enjoyed my years of learning, writing and working on video for that short time. It's time to get serious about this business. And I thank you for the ongoing support. Without you I wouldn't be where I am. And Happy Belated Thanksgiving.
I figure this will be a good time to write the organization chart of this business.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Good Adsense Sucks: Nowhere to Contact a Live Person

Google Adsense sucks. There is nowhere to contact a live person. I want to monitize on Youtube and Blogger and I just deleted my youtube account making it even harder to monitize. I have an old username and password that I forgot and their accounts were even delete on hotmail, but still they are recognized by Google Adsense. There is NO LIVE PERSON TO CONTACT ON GOOGLE IT IS ALL COMPUTER and how the fuck should I know when the exact date I used my Google Adsense account when I haven't used it in years.

This is why Google Adsense sucks and it is complicated and I don't have a live person to go to to solve a problem. I don't want that Adsense account anymore and I want it deleted so I could use another one. But I have to go through a complicated system that is scientifically engineered so they don't pay me or would pay me.

I need to Speak to a Live Person Google Adsense. I will put up videos for you to make you money. The least you could do is help me.

I want to get this matter resolved and I know you will ask me security questions about an account I don't remember anymore. SO HELP GIVE ME A LIVE PERSON.

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Birth of Wolf Revelations

"A Warrior Lives, Dies, and Fights for A Purpose.
Nothing Can Change that from a warrior in life's struggle."

 Joseph Evaldi

This is my new message statement for a company that has found it's identity and the name will be called Wolf Revelations.

Wolf Revelations is a company that I have founded. It mixes work ethic with writing, video making and other avenues that I have not come up with yet. I am Joseph Evaldi.

Some writing will be on self help, inspiration, spirituality, business, and also wrestling. Even though it will take time to get these products out I am working on them.

As my company slogan says us warriors in Wolf Revelations and who ever joins me in this company will live, die and fight for a purpose. In dying I mean giving your all and your best effort and fighting for what you believe in. 

I want to thank everyone for the support in getting here and Wolf Revelations won't let you down.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quick Chek: There will be Ham in Ham Salad

In my last blog I wrote about my bad experience at Quick Chek and leaving without ham in my salad. I was waiting until the situation got resolved until I wrote this. After that initial blog was written I received a Tweet from Quick Chek apologizing to me for the situation. They wanted to resolve it. That was the first step.

The second step was them wanting to contact me and sending me their contact information so we can come to a resolution for this situation and it turned out that she even put it in the computer and it didn't pop up. She said she was sorry and said she would address it to marketing on the situation because ham should be on the list with the ham salad.

Also, she asked about the nasty service. I'll admit I made a bad situation worse, but that's how it felt at the time. I realize that he was just doing his job. He was following what was on the list even if there was a glitch in the system.

Finally, I was told that I would receive a free salad with anything on it and whenever I wanted it to correct the situation.

Thank you, Quick Chek.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Update for End of October 2014 and November 2014

There are a few things to discuss. Let me get to it. First things first, if you noticed I have not been writing a blog for awhile. Don't be disappointed. I will return with blogs and I have a lot on the horizon. I am working on completed six books for the Amazon Kindle in topics such as on Social Groups, The Zen Path, Birth Order, and a short story play I have written in high school I will release.

I also will be releasing a lot of video that you might be interested in related to these books.

I am undergoing a transformation and I'm growing. Before I had no clear cut idea for a business, but I was experimenting with tools. Now I have an idea and a business model and I am more established. I will do four kinds of ebooks the next year after I finish up on what I'm working on.

I will work on books related to Social Groups or Relationships, self help or inspiration, business and online marketing, or fiction books.

I feel thanks to your ongoing supports that I am working on more stuff, but first before I get to the new material, I am getting to the older stuff to give you a taste of what I am capable of.

I promise you. You won't be disappointed with the material I will put out and if you have a suggestion of what you want me to work on please put it on the comment section below and I will put it on the writing list.

I want to work on the material that you want and I will put it out. Give me an idea and I will put it out.

There is a lot on the horizon and in 2015 two months from now. We will be in business.

 For finding out more information about my other books click on this link below.

To learn more about promoting my books click below.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The American Dream: What Does America mean to You?

As I type this blog I am sitting at a place called The Coffee House. A place that reminded me of how great this country was even if I didn't appreciate the value of America. It's a coffee house where people meet up and laugh. It's a place that the new and the old can be new together again. It is where the sounds of Mark Knopfler can be heard through a musician named Steve Beal.

As I listen to him I am reminded what this country once was before we got carried away. We got carried away with our technology, our inventions, and even our transportation. Everyone of us has memories of America, Rather if you are The Iron Sheik or Nikolai Volkoff who were potrayed as heels on TV even when they loved American, but respected their heritage. Or if your that Mom that slaves away works and supports her family and still makes a home cooked meal for everyone. You could be that person from the ghetto listening to 2Pac or even Jay Z. I never liked him, but the beauty of America is you are free not to like him. And despite how troubled he is or he was they loved America. You could be that farmer tending the fields or that cowboy drilling for oil. Even the Natives of this land loved America. Despite the pain or trail of tears that was shed, they love what it stood for. And then the Indians from India. Where they face a population problem in their country. They came to America to build a better life and they are rich. And the Orient came here to share their values on to this country even if we weren't paying attention. They appreciate what America is.

Maybe we lost track of What the America Dream is. Perhaps its what Dusty Rhodes character stood for. A poor man trying to make it in this world and support his family even if he was on the road. But we all spent, but there was something missing in everything we bought.

And right now I have only One Dollar left in my pocket until pay day. And it is everything America stood for, George Washington and the USA. I know ISIS is ready to attack the US and destroy what is sacred about this country. But remember what this country stood for and hold your ground just like Baltimore did in 1814.

What Does America Mean to You?

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Change to End the Summer and Society Transition

With Summer almost finished I have to touch base with my readers of this blog. I took a break from writing blogs for the summer and I have been busy with work, but I want to touch base with you. Besides the fact that I have been busy with work, I just started to learn how to play the guitar. I know how to play a few strings and a few chords, but not a full song. I am learning slowly.

This is what I want to talk about and that is starting something new. There is a learning curve and you don't master it right away. There is work involved in doing something and as irony would have it where I work I am getting a new store manager for the store which is another thing that happened this Summer. There is change and big change. You get comfortable with how things are done and then you have to be prepared for a change that is unexpected, but you know is coming. In away society is going through this change as well.

And it's the society that the baby boomers will fear is going take place and this is putting society in the hands of my generation, the bicentennial babies to the Coleco Vision generation. It's this generation that will take over and unlike any other society change as I read in an article online this may be the last generation to remember how life was before the internet and the technological boom. This is why some of the baby boomers fear us. They held on and hoarded their power. They have built a society that revolutionized the world. It was them that said as Michael Douglas said in Wall Street, "Greed is Good." It's was them that put the vision in all of us to consume and we swam in it. Our homes are now fill with junk.

We think speed is great and it is like we are on a race to change the world, but we need to slow down and change the structures of the world. We need to catch up with technology and The next generation needs to take over. The boomers represent the last of a long line of people and they even changed to with society. They are what represented the old world and this new generation being born in the new world. However, my generation is needed to bridge that gap. We are young. We know technology. And most importantly, we remember how life was before.

The next generation needs to be reminded of how it was before. It is a dying society and it needs its respect. We don't communicate any more and are afraid to stand up and say what we feel for scrutiny. We fear to change that status quo. I remember a time where we weren't afraid. And we have been complacent. One person told me yesterday don't be afraid to approach anybody when their is injustice referring to management. We are often afraid to approach our leaders and we need to remember what this country is founded on.

USA was founded on the fact that you could stand up and fight for what you believe in and challenge if you didn't like what you like about the United States. Back then it was 13 colonies, but we got greedy and had to conquer and take over the world with philosophy and ideology. Just like they did with the Natives of the the land and now they are doing it over seas. We fear for them to kill us when we are fighting wars over ideological reason. But we lost our heart a long time ago. Do we remember how it was like to be a country who wanted to stand up and fight for our freedom, but we have it easier now and have it all. Do we have it all?

In this world I was born in I learned to be tough. I was in two schools that teased or picked on me. My brother and I were in constant competition where I constantly lost and even later with friends where I constantly lost. But I was not a loser. I learned to keep fighting no matter what challenge I learned to adapt. But I regret adapting. Just to please others for what. Just because what I did wasn't good enough. Well I fought. What I do might not be good enough for them, but I learned to fight with my spirit. I learned to fight with my words. I learned to write. I may have about 20 people reading these blogs, but that is 20 people that could spread the change. The change I experienced this Summer.

I was hell bent on spreading success stuff and it is important, but I have to ask What are we Striving Towards? To consume more. Whatever happened to our values. Whatever happened to a society where we fought and maybe we are fighting now, but on the surface we still have a society that criticizes and bullies people for being different. You know Fox News. Standing up for what you believe in is what made society great. And this is what is needed for change. And just as the German saw what they had been doing in the Concentration Camps. We have to see what we are doing overseas and see if it is actually a humane thing. The fact is we need to be humbled. We don't need a war, but we need to truly see what they don't want us to see. We need those blinders to be removed.

Perhaps we are on a society of two worlds. One holding on to the old world and One wanting the future world which is here. We are all connected. Some of us are still ghosts in this society. Most of us are on Facebook or Google +. Change is exciting and we have been tunneling through change everyday and when one person leaves after being their many years. Change hits you all of a sudden and it hits you. You are in the new world officially.

Perhaps this is what they meant when they said New World Order all along. Perhaps they predicted along time ago that we would enter into the new world. And I know their has been negative meaning over the words, but the fact is The New World Order is here and thanks to WCW we can where the shirts. But joking aside. It is a new world. It is a new world they had imagined from they beginning. Unfortunately they conquered what has been sacred, but we can't forget about our roots. We can't forget about the Native who lived in this land or the Monks that inhabited the holy lands of the world. We can't forget about our holy spots and the wonders of the world. Everyone paved the way for our future. We accomplished what we accomplished. I think its time that we bring back some ancient ways in a new world. They want to move out the old world eliminating anyone who believes in it. But remembering the past is something we all should do from time to time.

I said enough on this long winded blog. It's been awhile since I wrote I wanted to cover what will eventually be the theme from Fall to next Summer. This coming school year. I want to leave you with this point I have a friend who told me that these kids have no idea of what a phone with a wire is. That alone is why we need to teach our past.

As for my Summer, I enjoyed playing the guitar it is a change, but I know this coming year a lot of changes are in store.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I've been think a lot about what this next blog could be, but I am going to write about compromise.

Life is compromise. People may not agree with your point of view in life and many people are stubborn with their perspective. There is a great divide. Especially now with society. However, this is the time where I dwell on how bad this divide is and try to convince you to compromise, but I'm not going to do it. I'm going to explain to you my reality and the importance of compromise in how we are compromising between each other in a relationship and compromising with ourselves everyday.

First let me describe about the sixth insight in The Celestine Prophecy. It deals with our control dramas and our understanding what our parents meaning to life had on us. I will discuss what my parents meaning had on me and help you to understand where I'm coming from when I write.

My Dad is a religious person. He is a devoted Catholic. However, he has seen the decline in the church and how much it's changed even though his views are different from the new evangelization of Vatican 2. He is said to be doom and gloom about politics and religion and he preaches to people when he works, even though recently it seems he doesn't have the energy to carry on this fight. He is alive and well, but his passion to preach isn't there as much as before. He is not a priest, but a barber.

My Mom wanted to write and has a creativity to make scrapbooks with former pictures and she cooks, but does it in a way that's unique. She has interest in history. I believe she wanted a simplistic life, but work had caused her a lot of stress and didn't want it.

I am a mixture of the two. I adapted my Dad's passion for religion and politics even though our perspectives are different and I have the tendency to preach at times. Maybe I adapted the ability to research a topic from both parents. I always was in my own world. I picked up my passion to write from my Mom.

It's a cycle in life what I can't accomplish it life my children will. We don't see this because we are faced with the struggles with our lives, but a paradigm is shifting. People are seeking a true meaning to their beliefs now and have challenged the face of religion. The old ways are breaking down, but with compromise we could understand the other person perspective. We might not like it, but a lot of animosity has been caused from centuries for the lack of compromise.

I feel like I'm sounding preachy, but there is another solution I am given hint by my woman everyday it just a matter of me listening to the message. One of them is to not be preachy and look at things in a positive manner. I guess this is what my Mom wanted with my Dad. It's only Ironic I'm in the same situation as my Dad, but we are not yelling at each other despite when we disagree. This is where we compromise.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Everything on this Planet is Connected

Everything is connected and is living. From people, to animals, to plants, to paper, even cups are connected. Everything in the Universe is connected. Everything has a purpose and needs to be treated with respect and are we respecting our planet right now?

When we spray pesticides over our plants or when we mass murder our meat supply with killing animals we eat. We are not thinking conscious as a planet. I see in my area that there aren't many bugs left, they just disappeared. We as a species are killing off our supplies and we are self thinking of ourselves because commercials implant us with the messages to buy and produce, but do we actually need what they tell us to buy. I was told by a friend that we have garbage the size of Texas in our waters. The pond in my area is filthy we just don't care about the earth and we just care about our artificial life.

Our actions have consequences. And even though we are surviving longer, we are meant to live longer and be healthy. The Powers that Be have us destroying our planet because they don't hold anything sacred like it used to be. We have become a production and we feel their is something wrong and we don't see the connection we have anymore. We are caught up with technology and it is rare that we ever meet new people or find out about their viewpoints. We have become separate when we are One.

Now there are many meanings of "We are One." It could mean we are one plant and that we are connected or it could mean we are one. There is one individual and we are separate. Well One sends mixed messages and I was thinking it could be changed to We are Connected. When we are connected is shatters the separateness perspective. It is true we want our individuality, but we can't forget we need each other. And we need our world.

We are feed pills because they feel it is a solution and I witness it everyday and I ask the question are we happy anymore. Do we care. I know some people care and have to work hard to over turn and give hope to a world that is depressed. Only if they know their is a better way for all of us. If you feel it I know we are connected.

We can bring life back into this world based on our actions. I ask you to be more conscious of what you do and your decisions that you make. This world used to be more sacred and people cared. They weren't just living. Time to bring back life to this planet.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Children From the Distant Past

It's often said history is an indicator of our problems today. We continue to argue over what history is right or wrong, but most importantly we fight over power. This video describes history with a grain of salt. But how much do we know of history unless we search on the inside. It is true there are people in control that control the money, the military and our way of life. However, they are starting to lose their control over spirituality. They can't kill you or put you in prison if you believe in meditation. However, they don't teach you the tools and don't want you to know so it has become a spiritual war.

People know despite how many people they tried to silence, the message will continue especially with the age of the internet. Common people are agreeing that they are trying to literally control everything. Only if they knew the more you push the more their is resistance.

How are we the children of the distant past? If you have people on a lower vibration demanding and wanting control and you have beings who understood all of life's concepts and were understanding it there is a clash. And their war becomes our war. It is like this with the Europeans pushing the Natives off their land or giving them diseases. It is this way when they push the Buddhists off of their land in Tibet. It is this way when Religion and Politicians rewrite history and suppress the knowledge that any one who thought differently had. It is this way when they try to propagandize our own people so they don't pay attention to what goes on with the rest of the world.

All of this is depressing and their is rage on people who had the key to life. Rather then learning and letting God be God, they are stubborn and they created a world as stubborn as they are. We are consumed with work and trying to be our best or our worst. How much do we appreciate any more? We have a catastrophe now and everyone is here at this time for a reason. Even though we don't remember what happen in the distant past, our DNA lives it. Our DNA remembers our history even though we might not physically remember it.

Let's just say we act out our memories, rather then physically remembering it. And when we have memories of the past that affects us. This is why we have the mess that we are in today. Despite how many times we reach out or fight However, now we are starting to remember again and we are learning that we have power despite the control they have.

I know now their is hope. When I saw Russell Brand speak about some of these concepts of spirituality out in the open it makes it comfortable for me to speak about some of these topics. And I've read about these topics despite being told not to by my religion. This is the dilemma we face today. And the more awake people we have we can formulate a strategy on how to heal this world. We could do it without violence and we could learn by now how that other party operates and we could live in harmony.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

On Our Early History and How It affects Us Today

We argue about the history of the world, yet how much of the history do we know. And of the Great War on Earth. We have come along way with our understanding, but we still fight for beliefs that we don't understand anymore.

If history is what it is why do I feel connected to history before the known history and that story of the world. With movies like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, doesn't it make you think of a history we don't know and how connected to it we are. It is a history that I live on the inside even though now it is different, but we all could see how ugly the earth has become.

Just like any story that has it's heroes and villains, the story of the earth is no different. There was beings who existed who wanted to make this world the heaven that it intended it to be. However, the plan backfired as people inhabited this who caused destruction and war on this land. They were full of hate and power. They wanted to control the world just because their world was not inhabitable anymore. And the great war happened and their control of earth happened.

Since then we controlled this world and we lost our senses. How many people are connected now to their inner worlds? And how many people are now connected to each other? We pass each other now and we don't want to be bothered and we stick within our groups.

We are becoming an advanced society now, but we need to clean up the mess we have made from our destruction. We have many years of destruction just in this past 100 years as it was 100 years since the beginning of WWI and we started building technology to destroy each other and destroy the world.

In WWII, Hitler destroyed the Jewish race and the experiments they have done are still causing damage today.

There are some benefits of technology, but their is a dark side. Especially when everything comes easy now and frequently. Why would you go on the inside, when you could find information with a type of the keyboard.

If we are in the United States, we don't see war, but War and fighting for resources is everywhere else. When you have the rich consuming products, it drains the resources of others and we are in this mess that we are in. That is why a lot of rich aren't happy until they give back and help humanity.

We need to move away from the apocalyptic views of the world in order to create a new world. And not the old world order that they want. A world where they cause destruction and pollution and other harms that exist in the world. There are too many of them.

But a world where everybody cleans up the mess. That is why you have many people on earth right now. It is to clean up from years of destruction and we can do it. I know it might be difficult, we have become accustomed to our ways and treat our objects with disrespect. I know I'm guilty of it. But if we think of it this way. Our objects are made with the same substance as us and is as old as the beginning of the Universe. We will start to care about the world again.

I know I went off on a tangent and went away from the topic, but it is all related. We have to understand our problem and what got us into this mess and then collaborate together to clean it up. And we can help one another, even those who need the love the most and want to shut us out. We can heal the world it's not to late.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Keeping Yourself Balanced

In this video of Patch Parables, Spirit Science describes the Parable of the Lute. A Lute is a musical instrument. They said when is too loose it doesn't play right and when it is too tight it doesn't play right at all too. It has to be just right. They then continued and said we have to tune it just right for it to play right. They then said we have to tune ourselves just like Lutes. We have to balance ourselves.

In life, we feel too stressed when we are at our jobs or in our relationships that we just zone out afterwards. We are never in a balanced state especially when we have how many gadgets that make us distracted. What is balance now a days and what is the new normal? We need to be relaxed in states of stress and we can't be to relaxed and let life pass us by. It is a balancing act.

I know this is a challenge when our world is in disharmony, use a philosophy. Focus on what you can change, try not to focus your attention on what you don't want, unless it drives you. Everybody is different and it's all about knowing ourselves.

What do we do to balance our lives? We are trying to figure out what is the best solution and doing what you love is one of them. Many are wasting our time on jobs that don't hold our attention rather then doing what we want to do in life. Maybe we aren't making money on our dream, but we shouldn't stop. Maybe if we work on the small things in life, they will grow into something great Just like tuning the Lute. When it is just right it plays great music and when we are all just right, we could do amazing things.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Cause is as Good as the Leader

Who are our leaders today? They come in all shapes and sizes. Some concepts in this video discusses a leader who fights for the cause and it discusses a leader who doesn't stay for the cause. However, in a movement as strong as the leader, there are followers who wish to be leaders themselves especially if they were in the frontlines in the battle. In this blog entry I will discuss aspects of a leader.

First, as mentioned in the video, "A leader who fights a war and the leader is not present and the cause is not worth fighting." Today we have many leaders of the war who don't care about fighting in the frontlines with their soldiers. This concept is not seen anymore. You don't see leaders of a company on the floor ringing on the registers, bringing packages to customers, or doing recovery if it is a retail store. I remember my former assistant manager did this and he cared about the store. This made it seem that it was a cause worth fighting for. Now you don't see that anymore. This is only a retail store, but their are other examples. Our leaders send others to war and don't care about their lively hood our leaders debate about problems while our men die. It was once before when this country started when the leader fought with the country. Working in an environment like now gives you the impression that you don't care about the company or how the country is run. Is this cause worth fighting for people have to ask?

With a leader who fights for a cause, it is worth fighting for. These are the leaders who are on the frontlines of a battle. These are the player coaches in a sport, they are the generals or advisors who don't just dictate what needs to be done, they are the true warriors. Usually leaders are flawed, but they are driven by their cause.

I was brought up with video games and I always related to the person who didn't believe in any kind of mission when I was younger even though I was told it was important to life. But I realize now their is a greater purpose to all even if I don't understand it all. For those who follow video games understand that message because we all might not feel we have a greater purpose and some may do.

This brings me to the Party, the people who come together for a cause. In the 60's they came together for a cause, but they weren't focused. They let drugs come in their way and it ruined their vision and in the 80's they came out of it as the Yuppies. Hell bent out of being rich opposite of their cause. Some great things happened because of it. Such as the Computer and Video Games. But mass production has ruined this world.

Now we are the product of this world, we have learned to blend into a society that is rebelling. The main champion in the WWE is Daniel Bryan a guy who has long hair and a long beard a product of this generation a generation that demands change. The movement is as good as the leader and in wrestling his saying is Yes. Yes to change and No to something wrong or they don't believe in.

When thinking of other movements, there is Jordan Pearce and the Spirit Science movement. He is on the frontlines. He says I shouldn't be on the podium I should be with you. We are connected. This is the message is that we all are working for a greater cause than ourselves and we will create a better way of life. This is a movement I believe in. It is not done in a violent way, but a way that will put this world right. I know other ideas like this might have been corrupted, but if the message is as good as the leader, then it is a cause worth fighting for.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What is The Big Picture? "Adapt or Perish"

In this blog, I hope to discuss the question What is The Big Picture? The new video on Spirit Science discusses many problems that we face as citizens of this world and we have created a mess as this video describes. How do we create change in a society where laws protect wrong doers rather then the right humane thing to do.

I have to ask these questions why is their crime, why is their hate and why is this environment screwed up and why did we abused it? I'm going to answer this question with the shadow effect. Where there is the rich, there is the poor. Most rich who go to conquer and destroy other realms of life and believe in the saying, "Adapt or Perish" like the saying of the group Evolution in wrestling. No knock on HHH, he is a leader who fights for his cause, even though his reign is challenged right now. But I'm not going to discuss wrestling. I am going to discuss "Adapt or Perish." In a way it is true you need to adapt in this society, but we need to accept that the sins of us to thrive to be great, thrive to be rich, thrive to grow, thrive to expand, thrive to build has caused destruction in this world.

And We Perish. This is our future if we don't adapt and it is a grim reality. We need to change the way we do things or we will perish. HHH doesn't have it all wrong if looked at the right context. But we maybe facing our perishing very soon and everyone is fighting for resources. Big cities produce the most energy and waste energy sources. And poor areas struggle to survive because those resources are taken. Bottom line we need to, "Adapt or Perish."

If we don't change the way we do things. If we don't work together and put our talents together and work feverishly to change our ways, reality will hit us. The world is destroyed, but it's not too late. It can be repaired.

I am not an engineer and I might not be able to create a new invention to change the world, but I am a writer and I could play my part in changing the world. I could raise awareness to many who could join in the cause and do something to help.

I know it seems that we are powerless, but we are not. We have more power then we think we do. We just have to believe we can do it.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

All Bloggers and Youtube Video Makers Should Charge For Their Services

We are struggling to survive in this day in age. We have talents that we are not getting paid for. Many people have had YouTube videos reaching 1 million views and only way they have made money on it is through advertisements. Bloggers have become the source of information when they want to look up a subject or read on it. Only way we get paid is through maybe pennies through blog or through advertising other peoples stuff.

The fact is video makers of YouTube and Bloggers are not getting paid for their services. We provide content and advertise items or bring people to their site yet we are not rewarded for our services, but companies or big time people are. Sites such as Google with YouTube and their blogger site have generated millions and those that produce content have received little for their services.

Musicians who are trying to make it have organizations that support them. Bloggers and YouTube video makers should have and organization to support them or I should say us. We put our time and effort in and we should get paid for our services. Even if it is a little bit from what we have offered to everyone a little appreciation for our hard work.

Many of us write or make video because we love it and we have made billions for companies who just support who they want. It is right to give money to those that make these companies make that money. Bloggers and YouTubers make people money, they say when something isn't working, and they promote ideas that can help. Their are various topics and this alone could generate the revenue to turn this world around. How about being paid for your knowledge and what you've contributed to this world.

YouTube or other video services have replaced traditional TV and bloggers have replaced traditional newspapers. Isn't it time to accept that fact and give us what we are worth. Even if it is .50 cents a view it will help a little for our services and we will do more of what we love. And we will be the new reporters of this new age.

They don't want to accept that, but we should be rewarded for what we do. We have done a lot to shape this world It's time to form an organization that will support bloggers and individual video makers for their services. Please comment or pass this video around if you agree. Even send this to companies Such as Goggle blogger or WordPress or sites that charge us for our services. We should charge everyone else and I know their are many of us.

Spirit Coffee Chat: The Knowledge Avalanche

How do we keep up with information we devour on a daily basis? Everyone is in competition for our time. How do we decide what knowledge will lead to our destined path? The world has become a faster place to live and everyone has accepted the fact of a shift in humanity. The fact is we are becoming very smart in many topics and we have to keep up. It is almost intoxicating it is like a drug.

Before 2012 or leading up to that year I read a total of 20 to 24 books in one year that was 2011 and now coming down from that intellectual high I struggle to get through any book because the material has to be faster and faster in order for me to keep up. And in many times I feel like I am falling behind because some people have made a simplistic life and do better then those who try to accomplish everything. So where is the balance in achieving a life where we need more and more information. Where are we going?

The truth is we have to start looking on the inside for information and do what we are called to do. It might not be a job where we make millions of dollars in, but we are ground breakers in this new world and we will change it. The people in power don't know how to let this change and creativity free because they try to silence it. Or have tried to silence it for generations. The ground breakers were the Michelangelo's and the Leonardo Di'vinci's.  They created the world in their vision and they created a pathway for many to create and build. We built everything on the outside and we keep on creating, but eventually many who just buy will become empty on the inside. Until they face their fears and go on the inside to find their answers. I'm working on this one and I feel answers come to me when I write. This is how my creativity comes alive. In this information age, I share knowledge in hopes that I will help people think about their reality.

On the outside, we maybe more connected then ever, but we are far from it. Unless we go on the inside. Unless we try to connect to the few that are most important to us. They will be there when no one else is around.

I guess I feel like everyone else that I am not accomplishing that much, but I have to realize like many of us out there. Single change happens with a small effort and a small effort combined can change the world. It doesn't have to be an all out war for change to happen it could be that blog entry everyday, it could be that music we write, or that video we produce, or that book we write, or the little effort we make to touch someone's soul. Every little effort can change the world.

Friday, May 2, 2014

The Values of The Old World

We fought once before. Battles used to mean something. We fought for greater values. We fought for our freedoms and it caused bloodshed for a cause that was worth it. Time of revolution always comes to those who care for it.

In the values of the old world there was oppression, conquest, but there was a balance. Now that balance is not there anymore. We except things in life and we seldom leave our groups. Even those in Hollywood or Politicians never leave their group. And we don't have a King that will fight any battles for justice anymore.

When a King fought it was a cause worth fighting for. He had his party or army and it was the way of a warrior. I have to ask what are we fighting for now when our world is now "civilized" It almost reminds me of Demolition Man where you have a civilized world, but a world underneath that fights to survive because they are forgotten about. That is why they brought back killers to rule their world. But old justice was the former cop of the 1980's. It was when crime was brutal. And they were justice. The true cops stood up for justice and they do today even when they see evil around them every day. Even when they have to protect everyone despite socioeconomic value. They face danger now because Society has view the Police as corrupt and evil. So other's shoot to kill.

What's missing in this world is Justice and Balance. This is a cold world we live in. And the passion and fire have been zapped out of the world. Isn't it time for that fire to return. Isn't time to unite for a cause worth fighting and instead of fighting one another we put our talents together and create a world that is calling us. Time for our living in pain and regret from our past to end. And it's time for passion and fire to take over.

When people fought for something before it was for a war. It was for a way of life. Isn't that something to fight for right now. We are at the opportunity now to do something now that has never been done. We can win the war in a fair way. Despite whatever they have done to us. They may stick pills done our throats and try to ignore our many movements of change, but they even now the inevitable truth. And the change of this new movement will begin. It is all a matter of uniting and fighting for a cause we believe in. Warriors of the Past to come alive again.

Spirit Coffee Chat: How Thoughts Impact Us?

What are thoughts? How do they impact us? How is it that we create our environment based on our thought? In this Spirit Science Video it discusses about how thoughts impact us. In this video he mentions about Dr. Emoto's experiment with water. Where he took photographs with water and when I love you was written on water beautiful things happen and when I hate you was written ugly water happened.

The fact is we have the power to create our reality based on our thoughts. After reading this book by Dr. Emoto I did an experiment on my own. I poor water and had mentioned a friend that I had problems with years ago. as I was ready to drink the water spilled all over itself. And I drank and the water was bitter. I don't recommend you do this, but I was awoken to the fact our thoughts affect our environment as it did with the water. Perhaps my emotions were bitter and the water mirrored how I felt.

I won't dwell on how our environment is now, but we can create a better reality. Just as what was mentioned in The Spirit Science video on Thoughts. The same thought is out there and we are reaching out at the same time to the Universe or God for pieces of the same information that will help. It's as if we are supported by a guidance system and a greater realm out beyond our knowledge.

What creates thoughts? Our thoughts is our subconscious and we are programmed with this material from this world or beyond. When we have negative thoughts our emotions are suppressed from hurts from this lifetime and past lifetimes. This might be a concept far fetched, but our spirits have been around since the beginning of the universe.

Our thoughts have done wonderful things. It helped us expand in the ways of knowledge and the amount of knowledge out there today is uncontrollable. Even those that try to control this knowledge is not able to do it.

The truth is a mentioned in other videos, there is a disharmonic in the universe with thought. Those who claim to be our leaders are sick and they medicate everybody with their drugs. Some help, but do they truly see the problem anymore. Could they determine a Spiritual experience from a sickness. This is why many of thoughts in the environments are sick right now.

How do we change this? By creating an army of people on the same wave length. An army to fight a war, not with violence, but do it with their own rules, but only do it better then them and infiltrate the spiritual take over.

It is a battle for our minds right now and we can take control of it and help one another along the journey. Some of us are afraid and I know, but it takes courage and it takes us to know how to let our thoughts lead us to the promise land if our emotions are right.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Monthly Update for May 2014

I'm going to keep this brief, but last month I didn't write that much. I was going through some kind of funk and have been down on life. This is why I haven't been writing that much. I won't go into detail about this depression, but I'm sure you all know what it is. When you try to challenge life and the challenges keep pilling up rather it is work or the fact that you can't live on your own it is frustrating. Especially when there is something I want to do in life.  I don't want to go into detail about this frustration, but I will make an effort to write more and keep my dream alive.

A few months ago, I wrote and discussed that I would be helping out Spirit Science out as many are at this moment. This is what I plan on accomplishing this month and other months as well as my role on some blogs can be a guest blogger on the Spirit Science website. However, that doesn't mean that I can't do blogging of my own about the Spirit Science videos and add my take on the videos created from my knowledge I have. I am discovering like everyone else and I believe I can contribute to the team. I might not have read every post because I live a busy lifestyle, but out of my schedule I can write a blog and I call this blog on Spirit Science or Pair O Dime Shift, The Spirit Coffee Chat. I feel a lot has to be discussed. I know some might be angry about this idea, but that's ok. There is a mixture of emotions involved in it. Rather it's the way it is explained or them introducing concepts that have been battled for centuries. But I feel these very old concepts in a changing world can benefit the whole.

As you know society is in turmoil. Either we are taught to succeed without a backbone or we are going for broke getting there. Where are the old values in an evolving world and yes I said evolving. Whoever, can't deny that we are so attached to our gadgets that we are not even connected to humans anymore. We don't know or have social anxiety when dealing with situations. We resort to our caves just like in a cave man period. Only thing is we use tools to distract us rather then making us human.

I plan on continuing The Passage of Joe and I will postpone What Am I Grateful For?

There is a lot I will cover and I will come back with a furious passion. Keep reading. If you don't like what I post on my segment Spirit Coffee Chat. Feel free to write a comment or complaint. You have the right to do both. Maybe this will start an ongoing dialogue in what I believe and what you believe. We could come to a greater understanding.

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Passage of Joe: How Important is the Salesperson?

How does someone convince yourself to do something in life. To buy a product, get involved with life or the opposite to get you to feel bad about yourself so you want the product. That is the salesperson. And I've been doing a lot of thinking about that. Many people now a days are trying to sell you on products, more and more. I'm even selling products, but there is an importance of it. With a society that feels that they are out of control a product might help. And do it better then the one you've got. As I learned this week about salespeople. People who are pushy and someone who was nice and wanted to help.

In life people are pressured in to doing something when they have doubts. This is why products sell themselves. However, when they are pressured into get something or joining something they hate the product or regret joining. However, if someone is nice then you will love the product use it or want to make it work.

The good salesmen are the richest people in the world. They had the ability to succeed and convince the other no matter the odds. They faced rejection many times and got up and continued. There is some pressure about a salesperson, but it has to be the persons decision and despite that pressure, they will want to do it.

I know successful salespeople and I know unsuccessful salespeople and I have even been a salesperson, but only selling my own products and truth is all of us are salespeople and we sell everyday. We even sell ourselves. We convince ourselves into something or out of something all the time and perhaps that makes the ultimate decision on other peoples trying to sell us. Perhaps I ask you the question, How Important is the Salesperson?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Passage of Joe: Marketing Yourself in Today's World

How do you market yourself in today's world? Is all lost? Or have the opportunities not present themselves? What is the key to success?

First, there is marketing. You need to be a good at marketing yourself and to be a good businessman or business woman. The fact is we all have the tools to succeed in life and haven't had that business opportunity presented to them and some have. And you have to work for success.

I haven't been doing the right things like many. Like many I am an employee. I work for the benefit for others and I miserable with life. I bust my ass in two jobs and I work on my dream on the side, but I am going nowhere and the sad thing is like many I dedicate my hard earned hours and I'm either not treated good or not even paid attention to. I'm just doing a job. However, one of my jobs they look out for my health. They gave me time off to recuperate. I have been stressed like many. How do you market yourself when the environment doesn't support you.

You have to create your own way and when your family tells you it's no good don't do it or your environment complains about life you find a new way to let life work for you. And it's going to be a lot of work, but it will be worth it at the end unlike a job that you labored how many years for and the thanks they give you is 12 hours a week. And you need to get another job.

A way out is using the same marketing tools you use and creating a business. Create residual income and let money work for us. We have become dependent on our jobs while opportunities my be nowhere around us until they find us.

My dream is to write and I can do that. It is possible. I wrote two books when I was told by a job that I worked at for many years that I had better look for another job even though they held on to me. And my dream continues. I didn't give up. I'm making life a reality for me and you will see in the coming months that I will not be a prisoner of life, but I will be make life work for me and I have the heart to make it. It's a matter of that effort you put into what you will market and how good of a salesperson you are.

I also want to be a business owner now and escape my environment and it's not that I don't like my environment because I do, but there is negativity and nobody thinks it's possible to escape their lives. They want comfort.

However, how comfortable are we in jobs that could lay us off in a blink of an eye, if we are policeman and in the army how comfortable are they when they could be shot and killed. How comfortable are we when we work in a job for 30 years and we can't afford the payments on the house anymore. The truth is in this life we are not comfortable and we have to risk a little.

We have to put ourselves out there in a smart way. People will find us when we have money or something to offer, they are users. They were either no where to be found or kicked us when we are down. Life is a cruel place and you have to be tough and be willing to work hard to make it. Many people don't realize this concept. But you also have to help others get what they want like Zig Ziglar said. This is the key to marketing in this world and we do it every day. The old world still applies in this world. It's just now we have technology.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The Passage of Joe: The Revival

Everything is a sign and everybody has their day in court and everybody deserves a second chance, but what does it take to resurrect something that has been buried an and forgotten in the ashes? What's is going to take in a changed world while living with the old values? How do you instill those beliefs in a world that cares about themselves. Everyone is into themselves now and the wars are out for control. How do the ancient values survive in a world that has moved on from them? How does the heart matter in this world?

That is you fight for it. You comeback even though their are days that you don't want to get up. You comeback even though the world has left you behind. Sure there may be people that will put you down, sure there will be people who say that dream is impossible, but you have to rise above all of that and continue. You have to move on, but come back with something fierce. A fire like none other then before.

It is a desire, but more then that it is a revival. When you think of revivals you think about being born again and in reality it is. It is like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly as Rick Levine said. The caterpillar doesn't want that change and is scared, but has to go with that flow and let something form. That is the revival.

We might have faced our darkness, but that is us in a cocoon, we might have been hardened to life. But something great happens and that is it becomes a butterfly it has it's powers. We don't have to study this because we see it every spring and we see butterflies fly.

Everything is a sign. I'm ready for life knowing that I'm going to get beat up, but I know there are victories. Even if it is one soul after another. The greatest misconception is that we are all lost, I don't believe that. I believe we are all in a cocoon and we are just forming to fly.

Yes, it is possible to have superhuman powers, but the key is in using your inner strength to shape that person and mold them. Not in what you want, but to help them with their own path. Everybody is different and the drive keeps us going.

As for the revival, when we die on the inside, we later are born again. This is where are true journey begins.

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Passage of Joe: Keeping your drive going despite defeat, story about Daniel Bryan

How does one keep your drive going, especially after getting knocked down. It could be in a good way or a bad way. I'm not going to focus on getting knocked down and dwelling on it. I'm going to talk about getting knocked down and keep on going and get up where you last left off like it didn't happen.

In my life, I've had situations where my inside were ripped out of me, I've been in situations where my job was on the line, and I've been in situations where I've failed miserably in love, also where my writing wasn't good. I've had flaws in all areas and I take no offense, but defeat only drives me to be better at what I do. I know I'm not a best seller now or I'm not a famous celebrity, but I'm in it like in a marathon. I know there are some days where I don't feel like going. I've had those days. I've had days where I knew a major argument was coming and I had to fight to make that phone call when I was fighting myself to do so because I knew I would get scorned if I hadn't call back. We all had bad days.

I've faced illness, addiction, verbal and psychological abuse, and all other stress, but I'm still standing and I'll be damned if one loss is going to get in my way for living my dream. I'm going to write many things. I'm going to live my life being free.

I will have that freedom and I will live my life despite defeat. I might have lost many battles in life, but I will win the war and I will finish out on the top of my dream. This is the attitude we should have, and rather we are chanting for a hero to lead us as the WWE Universe has rallied behind Daniel Bryan showing support. Or like a head of an organization, HHH, who says Daniel is the latest flavor of the month.

If WrestleMania XXX is any story to what could go down it is a story of someone who has worked very hard, doesn't fit corporate mold and everyone supports him for how much HHH did to him. It's that fight that keeps on driving a man. It's when a boss says your no good or pushes you aside. People rally behind him because they can relate. They are tired of the corporations. They want the ma and pa stores back. They want small businesses to run everything. This is true with writing, videos, and other things.

Daniel Bryan is just one story of someone who has been through a lot and has come along way. Their are many of us and we just have to fight for what we believe in. We have to work at it and as I heard Rick Levine say the change has to happen on the inside of us. This is the Passage of Joe.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Update for the Month of April 2014

Last month I didn't accomplish that much with my writing I attempted to start a segment to a blog called what am I grateful for? And I tried to continue a blog entry called The Passage of Joe. I did complete an interview and was working on another one, but I have been busy outside of writing. I have been busy working my two jobs and working on getting my finances in better shape then before.

This is what I will cover on the update for the month of April. Money is very essential to live and I have been reading a book called Smart Couples, Finish Rich. It has given me idea on how to put aside my money. I am like most people, I didn't spend my money right, but I am here to say it is not to late for anyone. People who are in their 50's can do it. Luckily I'm 34 turning 35 this year. I have a ways to go, but I'm going to get there. It all starts with saving money and building up a fund. Then start putting more aside for your debt rather it's bad debt or college loan debts. Start doubling up your payments and as David Bach mentioned in the Latte Factor. We are spending on small things we don't need. And I heard from one of my close friends who told me if we spend on things we want, we sure as hell better put that aside.

Sometimes people who aren't making that much money value their dollar more than those who have it. The rich sometimes spend more than they make and wind up broke. Bottom line as I learned the hard way it takes control and saving up to do something with your money and it takes doing something with it afterwards rather it is in retirement, emergency fund and a dream fund. It's better to do this rather than the immediate gratification of getting something. Sometimes you have to resist that urge and this is what I've learned during lent. Even though I am not perfect I worked on giving up buying books for lent. This has taught me about control and even though I know I spend, I have the power to give up something.

Giving up buying books is not easy and the temptations are there. Every time I walk into Barnes & Noble or a used book store, that temptation is there. I have to remind myself that I can't buy it for this reason. In turn I gained an appreciation for the books that I have. And instead of looking anywhere else, I am looking at my home or even the library.

I know that this is not what I have accomplished with my writing, but in life there is a whole lot more and even though I am a writer, situations have to be in order before anything else is done. I still learn and work on my dream even though I took a break, but now I've come back again and again. I might not write as much as before because I am starting a book. So I have a lot on my plate and when I'm ready details of that book will be ready.

Keep on reading and stay with this blog, my best stuff has not been made yet.

Monday, March 24, 2014

The Love For Food: An Interview with Carole Burde Semel

            Food is a love for many. It can be the life or death of many. Especially when you have donuts, death by chocolate, cakes and other foods. It can also have healthy aspects to such as pasta, salads, and fruits. Food has been ingrained in our culture and how it is prepared makes it more special. I’m not a cook or a chef, but I appreciate how food feels in my stomach and sometimes it feels good and sometimes not, it all depends on what I have.
            In this interview I did with Carole Burde Semel, she has been many things with the food industry and has had her impact felt. She discussed with me her background and her love for food. She mentioned her time with Family Circle Magazine and McCalls Magazine. Also, her catering business and now her time teaching and working at Jenny Craig. She has done a lot to inspire others with her appreciation for food and teach others who share that same passion as her. Here is the interview.
            I first asked Carol where she went for her education.
            She stated, “I went to Pratt Institute and Graduate School in Penn State where I received a Master’s Degree in Food & Nutrition.”
            I then asked her about the passion she has for food.
            She said, “Even when she was a kid, she had a passion for food. She always knew what she wanted to do in life.” Her passion grew when she took Home Economics in school. This was the beginning of her passion or dream to come true.
            Carole then discussed about where she worked in the past concerning food. She stated, “She worked for McCalls Magazine and then The Family Circle Magazine where she worked in a test kitchen. She was writing recipes for the magazines and also, she was preparing foods and making them look good for the photographer.”
            She then discussed her own catering business. Carole said, “My business is called Catering By Carole and I hire anyone who is interested in cooking.” She likes catering for happy occasions.
            Another thing she discussed was about where she teaches.
            She said, “I teach cooking classes at parties to kids who are interested in cooking and also teach at the King Supermarket.”
            Also, another thing I asked was an important question about foods and about diabetes and other health concerns. What does Carole do to help others with these problems?”
            Carole said, “With diabetes, you have to be careful.Diabetes – they should eat less sugar and carbs and more protein, vegetables, whole grain and fruit.”
            This led to her discussing another job that she has now and that is that she works at Jenny Craig. Carole helps people lose weight to become healthier.
            I asked, “What is her favorite dish to prepare?
            She stated, “As much as I like to help making people healthy, her favorite dish to make is Ice Cream Cake. She also likes making deserts, cakes and cookies.”   
            Then she discussed what she uses for research for her cooking.
            Carole said, “I use old recipes from the past and certain cookbooks. She tests and retests and tweaks her food to her liking and changes it so a piece of her is in the food.”
            Carole also added where she thinks she got her passion from cooking from. She said she thinks she got it from her Great Grandmother in Poland. She had liked Bakery and had her own bakery business.
            Carole Burde Semel was a delight to interview. She stated she has a book out to sell called Cook Like a Caterer and can be reached at for catering or if you want to purchase a copy of the book. Her website is for her catering business.
            Carole gave me a new perspective of food and had me look at food from her perspective. Sometimes the foods that taste great are hard to give up, but are so damn good to give up. Food can make you feel good or even sick depending on what you eat or how you eat it and if it is prepared right. The great cooks know this secret to food. My mom has cooked me food my whole life. Sometimes she makes mistakes and a lot of the time her food is great. That’s how it is with being a cook. Even though Carole is not my mom, they both share that passion for food. And Carole’s passion stands out. And since chances are my mom used recipes from The Family Circle, Carole is one good cook and has great recipes. Everyone should appreciate her cooking and all she has done for the food industry. Her love for food shows in all her work.

Memorial Day: A Tribute to Our Fallen Soldiers

We may disagree with one another about views or may fight with one another about whose religion is right or wrong or etc, but when you are o...