Thursday, January 30, 2014

Monthly Update Report For February 2014: My Involvement with Spirit Science

First, I'm going to give you a review of some stuff I've worked on this month. I first started with the series The Struggle to Hollywood. I tried the series and although some might have liked it, I'm am going to put it on hold for a little bit.

I also started working on my wrestling blog Wolfman Joe's Woods. I started with wrestling DVD reviews, but I am going to stick with the wrestler of the week which I have been doing a series on Hulk Hogan.

I also as Wolfman Joe have been doing videos discussing the Wrestler of the Week.

Also, I changed this blog to Spirit Coffee and I added a feature to the Blog called The Passage of Joe. A feature that I am finally bringing online. I started writing The Passage of Joe in high school and know the world gets to witness it.

However, I save the best news for last. For those who have followed me know I've been working on spiritual development in some regards we all are. I've listened to Coast to Coast AM as they discussed some spiritual or new age topics. I've read over 80 books in 5 years on many different topics. I had to look for something greater even though what I read about challenge how I felt about it. We all might disagree with what we believe in or not, but their is truth to every religion. It's just we fight over what is better and what isn't and wars are created. I know this might not be popular and it might be scorned for believing in something different and that is when I made my discovery of these online videos such as Spirit Science.

Spirit Science is not a religion, but I would call a group that discusses many issues and tries to solve the worlds problems and this group has begun. They might discuss esoteric topics that may be condemned because they are challenge the way of life and people resist change. Then they were recruiting people for their project.

They had contacted me. I am uncertain what my involvement in the Spirit Science group will be, but I can't say because I don't know. It is like this you don't talk about the project until it's done. And there is talent being met here. That's all I will say. We can change the world, even with a little effort in a time.

I've worked for a project like this for a long time and I'm happy to be involved.

My project this month will be to continue doing what I am doing with incorporating some of the spirit science stuff. It's a start and it is interesting to see what will happen next. It has been a good first month of the year and the best is yet to come.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Passage of Joe: Commitment

To be committed to something is to follow it through. That is the greatest successes out. Someone who is committed doesn't quit. There may be times where you might want to give up and take the easy way out and many people do. They quit on a job, a marriage, or parenthood and they want the easy way out. There isn't an easy way out and you have to work to get to where you are going to.

In my life, I had to work and even with this blog I will show my commitment to come back and write. Or I will work on other projects, but I will work for a greater plan. I know I may sound preachy, but I am my father's son. He had a dream to help the unfortunate and he does that by his occupation of being a barber. The fire returned to him. He has been commited in his life. He worked in days of pain and he worked in days where things have gotten bad in the house. He complained about the weather and how bad it is, but he sucked it up and went to work. He might not have taught me by talking to me about it, but he taught me by example.

I might not have been the richest kid, but he taught me if you wanted something bad enough you have to work for it and stay committed. And there was some tough days for him. Tough when my grandma or nana was sick in bed unable to speak and on her death bed and I was sick, but he kept going even when it was tough and he is 71 years old and still working 6 days a week all to give what he has to others.

That's the lesson that I learned and in life I had to work. Nothing was handed to me. I wrote and completed two books and after not get any sales, I'm not discouraged I keep going with my writing. I just now share it with everyone because of my focus and commitment to my dream.

My dream might not manifest right away, but with a degree of focus it will manifest. You could visualize your dream and you'll get the signs your there, but is there a shame if you don't see what you manifest. Just think of all the good you did in getting there and think of the opportunities that open because of it. My brother is a prime example of that.

He wanted to be in the NHL, but his dream ended when he got cut from a Junior A hockey team, but he instilled his focus in on his son. He drove his son all over the country and Canada. He taught him skills and had other coaches teach him skills. He made great connections with the pros and even had met Mike Eruzione who taught him something. His life is being paved and had my brother not been as commited with this dream for his son that he could not complete, his dream would not be there. And his son is Eddie Evaldi.

He is 12 years old and is on the scouting rader and he could become one of the greats. All because of a commitment of the father. That is one thing my Dad taught me and my brother and that is commitment. As TD Jakes says in this video you can't brag about it and can't complain even though many people do, "It's a commitment."

In life we have to be committed to the right things and it may be difficult to not get what you want all the time, but life isn't like that. Greatness happens when you are committed to something and see it through. You have to really work at life and have to work on your dreams. You'll never know what life can be if you take that chance. To live is the true commitment.


Monday, January 27, 2014

The Passage of Joe: Focus

For The Passage of Joe for today I'm going to speak about focus. Focus is the determination inside and it keeps that drive that's in you. Eric Thomas in this video captivates this message. He says you have to focus on the Why in life. What is your reason that drives you. Why do you fight. Is it for family or a greater cause or is it to please everyone else.

For many years I was wondering around without that much focus. I was making discoveries, but was I focused, but a light has been fused in me and as Eric mentioned in this video with the story of Buster Douglas you have to make a decision and create your opportunities. I like many made many excuses. Especially the fact that I thought I didn't have the talent or the self confidence to put myself out there.

But I changed. I have a lot more at stake and I've been beat up by living up to others standards and I got nowhere. I wanted to do what I wanted to do. I want to write, I want to do videos, I want to spread my truth. It was said that you don't want to die with your music in you. Well I have so much truth in me and I have a greater degree in life. I want to learn how to do things and I want to spread my truth. And I might face many challenges along the way, but I'm ready to face them. God only knows I've been knocked down many times and I've overcome every challenge and the challenges keep coming.

I can't give up and I won't. I started something and I'm going to work through it. I might not see any profits from my dream I do on the side, but I'm going to work at it and I will get there. And nothing is going to stop me when I get there. My success is to know others have succeeded with the knowledge I share. That's when I live and that's my focus.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Struggle to Hollywood: Christy Introduces Red Rider

Christy Introduces Red Rider

They meet at The Espresso Fix and to Johnny’s surprise Christy brought her new boyfriend with her. His name was Red “Rider” McCord. Red was a talent actor who starred in many roles. Johnny was jealous because he had a thing for Christy and now he couldn’t compete with Red. Red got his nickname Rider as rumor would have it that before he play in those kinds of movies before he became a star.
Christy said, “I want to introduce my new boyfriend Red “Rider” McCord.”
Johnny said, “You’re with him. Why are you with him? Do you know his history?”
Red then entered into the conversation, he said, “Hey Johnny, why are you so jealous? It’s not my fault I could produce what you can’t.”
He continued, “And with my history, it’s a thing of the past.”
Christy then said, “You could relax Johnny. He has treated me good.”
Shawn said, “Hey Johnny I told you would be jealous last week and now she introduced another guy and your jealousy goes up. You have to calm down in order to get what you want and let it flow.”
Shelton commented, “I agree with Shawn, you need to calm down.”
Johnny said, “I guess you’re I have to calm down knowing the woman I care about is having sex with Red Rider.”
Christy stopped Johnny, “Hey I’m here and I’m a grown woman, I’ll do whatever I damn well please and Johnny you’re not going anywhere with that jealousy in you. You need to calm down.”
Johnny said, “Ok.”
They left with Johnny being enraged and jealous over Christy. He liked her a lot and didn’t want her to get hurt. He feared what would happen to her. Shawn and Shelton tried to advice him to calm down. Would he take adhere to that advice?

Monday, January 20, 2014

The Passage of Joe: Finding What You Love to do in a Work Environment.

As I mentioned in the Last Blog The Passage of Joe developed into me writing in boring classes that I took such as Chemistry and sharing it with others I knew. No offense to those who liked Chemistry. However, what about the work environment?

You could grow in many different ways and you might want to share some of the stuff you like with others at work. And like many, we are doing menial tasks at work at least to us. Even though they serve the functions at work, do they fulfill our basic needs.

Now it is true we can't incorporate everything we like in the work environment we could incorporate some things. Then I found this video by Chelle McQuaid, Turn the Job You Have Into A Job You Love. In the video she wrote emails of some of the things she was learning and she shared it with everyone at work. When she thought she would get in trouble, Everyone at work liked what she did and they promoted her. She took that chance.

I took her advice and I am reading at one of my jobs and writing something with self help and inspiration. Nobody asks me to do this, but I'm a writer and I want to share inspiration with others. Especially with counseling.

There is more to a job then it seems and even though it is daunting at times at a job. Finding what you love can be incorporated into a job. We can take a risk, but we will never know what will happen when we take that risk.

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Passage of Joe: An Introduction

The Passage of Joe: An Introduction

Hi everybody, I’m going to introduce to you an early blog I did before the internet got big and I did it when I was in high school. It was called The Passage of Joe. I’m going to introduce you to this segment on this blog and follow through with it. First let me give you the back story.
It was Junior year in high school about 18 years ago. It was before online blogs, before youtube, and before facebook. It was what I call the paper blog then. I wrote down things that I probably shouldn’t have at that time. Not bad stuff, but stories about others and me and what I was going through. Stories about what I thought about my ongoing search for love that didn’t happen until many years later. I even wrote about my take on societal issues and how it related to me. These were some of the things I wrote about.
Here is the reason why I did it. There is one main reason and that is frustration. I was frustrated that I was doing classes that didn’t fit what I wanted to do. And I was frustrated that my search for love didn’t go as I wanted it. I had a lot of things to discuss. And many things have changed, but some remain the same.
For starters, I have the freedom to discuss what I want like as the initial Passage of Joe’s and I have room to improve for using my skills of writing for one of my jobs. The other job I don’t utilize these strengths. But I face the fact that I might not use those strengths that I want to do and haven’t done, but in the first Passage of Joe on this blog I want to discuss about how to do something you want to do and incorporate it into the job you want to do. In a way, I am doing it now. In the Passage of Joe, I will discuss many topics like I did in the past, but up to date.
In my other blog, I do is called Wolfman Joe’s Woods. It is a wrestling blog. I will talk about wrestling with a nickname I was called in high school Wolfman Joe. I don’t want to confuse the two blogs so one is for wrestling and one is for other personal writings. I have many ideas and some I’m going to implement in my blogs. I will use the love for writing on one blog and the love for wrestling on the other.
My first official Passage of Joe on this blog will be about how to incorporate some of the stuff you could do in your work setting and how to incorporate some of your interests with your work. It can be done. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Struggle to Hollywood: Johnny's First Part

Johnny’s First Part
            Johnny and the group started to meet every week to keep in touch with each other. They figured with their careers starting to evolve they needed to meet more and they started to meet at The Expresso Fix in Brooklyn, New York. They met here because this town in New York was becoming hip and they wanted to keep with the times.
Johnny had big news to share.
Johnny said, “Hey guys and girl, I have big news for you. I just landed a part in a play called The Penguin Murder. The Penguin Murder is a play about solving the mystery of the death of the million dollar penguin. Almost like Ace Ventura Pet Detective, but a serious version.”
Christy stated, “Very good Johnny, I am happy for you.”
Johnny said with a smile on his face, “I’m flattered.”
Shawn said, “Don’t get over yourself Johnny, it’s only one role, you still haven’t proven anything yet.”
Johnny then asked Christy, “What have you done since the last time we met with your career?”
Christy said, “It’s funny you ask that, I took Shelton’s advice and I got a small role with one line in a movie called The End of the Mountain. It is something small, but it is a start.”
Johnny commented, “Very good Christy, I’m proud of you. I know you would do it.”
Shawn said, “I know what you are trying to do Johnny.”
Johnny said, “I’m not doing anything.”
Shelton stopped them, “Don’t argue, all I hear is arguing with you two. How about come with a common ground and help one another.”
With that note, they ended their meeting setting up next week’s meeting. They were moving on with their careers and making progress, but were they going to move forward or get a setback on their journey. Only time would tell.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Struggle to Hollywood: Finding Your Niche

Finding Your Niche
It was time to meet again and Shelton gave it much thought to what Shawn talked about in the last meeting. It has been seven months since they graduated and their lives have taken turns in breaking into the business. This meeting for once Shelton had something to offer.
Shelton said, “Hey Shawn, I want to thank you for your speech you gave last meeting and I gave my life a lot of thought. I thought what I was good at and what I wasn’t and maybe acting wasn’t for me at least for now.”
Christy said, “What are you talking about Shelton, you’re giving up on being a big movie star?”
Johnny asked, “Please elaborate on what you mean?”
Shelton stated, “I gave it much thought and I’m not going for any acting gigs no more, but that doesn’t mean I’m giving up on entertainment. I’ve been taking all the advice from the meetings into account, studied great stand up comedians, and went to stand up comedy school. I have my first gig in standup comedy this Friday in New Brunswick, New Jersey.”
Shawn said, “I have to say I’m impressed, this is a change of thought from what we are used to with you. What changed your mind?”
Shelton said, “When I was taking everything into account and studied on something on finding your niche and looked into comedy. Even when I was younger I had the knack to make people laugh. This has been my niche and I specialize in comedy like Will Smith or Chris Rock. That is who my style is from and I respect what they have done for the business. It was then that I made the decision to go into standup comedy.”
Johnny said, “This is a good idea Shelton. Maybe I haven’t been going for the right roles. My niche is more of a serious actor and I have been going for commercials. Maybe I should start with plays and work my way up like Shawn.”
Shawn added to his comment, “That’s a good idea. I’m just a natural and that’s why I get the major roles and that’s my niche. I guess that’s why other people have to work harder to get their roles, but for me it’s easy. I see your point Shelton. What about you Christy?”
Christy is deep in thought.
Johnny asked, “What’s your opinion Christy?”
Christy said, “I have been thinking about this answer and I guess my niche is drama, but I’ve been going for commercials. Maybe I should try those parts even if I go for small roles at first.”
Johnny said, “Thank you Shelton, I know you gave the others and me good advice. I am going to take that into account from here on out maybe I will get my first role.”
They left with a sense of renewal. Shelton had found a new path in his life that had opened up and Christy was ready to shift gears maybe she was ready for drama roles. As for Johnny, he was ready to have a new attitude and get himself out of the rut he was in. Maybe this was going to be a big break for him. Shawn was going to continue doing what he was doing. We will find out next time what their future in acting will behold.

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