Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The American Dream: What Does America mean to You?

As I type this blog I am sitting at a place called The Coffee House. A place that reminded me of how great this country was even if I didn't appreciate the value of America. It's a coffee house where people meet up and laugh. It's a place that the new and the old can be new together again. It is where the sounds of Mark Knopfler can be heard through a musician named Steve Beal.

As I listen to him I am reminded what this country once was before we got carried away. We got carried away with our technology, our inventions, and even our transportation. Everyone of us has memories of America, Rather if you are The Iron Sheik or Nikolai Volkoff who were potrayed as heels on TV even when they loved American, but respected their heritage. Or if your that Mom that slaves away works and supports her family and still makes a home cooked meal for everyone. You could be that person from the ghetto listening to 2Pac or even Jay Z. I never liked him, but the beauty of America is you are free not to like him. And despite how troubled he is or he was they loved America. You could be that farmer tending the fields or that cowboy drilling for oil. Even the Natives of this land loved America. Despite the pain or trail of tears that was shed, they love what it stood for. And then the Indians from India. Where they face a population problem in their country. They came to America to build a better life and they are rich. And the Orient came here to share their values on to this country even if we weren't paying attention. They appreciate what America is.

Maybe we lost track of What the America Dream is. Perhaps its what Dusty Rhodes character stood for. A poor man trying to make it in this world and support his family even if he was on the road. But we all spent, but there was something missing in everything we bought.

And right now I have only One Dollar left in my pocket until pay day. And it is everything America stood for, George Washington and the USA. I know ISIS is ready to attack the US and destroy what is sacred about this country. But remember what this country stood for and hold your ground just like Baltimore did in 1814.

What Does America Mean to You?

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