Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Passage of Joe: Routine and Chasing the Ideal in Life

Routines are something that set the day in motion and the exit the day. Some may feel like they are victims of the day and life just happens to them as they are set in motion. I have been there before. Routines also set a strong routine on how you are going to finish the day.

Everyone of us has a unique end to our day, rather it is with or without someone. My weekday routine is different then my weekend routine. Because I go to my job on weekends and I have to prepare during the week for the weekends. The other things I enjoy are my hobbies and I do for fun. I may see little profit, but I do them for fun and I am building a strong foundation. And my foundation has grown stronger.

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Many feel that they should exit their passion when the going gets tough. It is this time that life tests you. Last year tested all of us. Rather it was financially, romantically, in business, etc. We faced that dilemma and while some are on top, some like me had to rediscover their roots and find out where they were coming from.

It was in the beginning of 2008, I was coming off some very bad years no need to go into detail, but I was out of control. I just wanted to hid from the world. I was disgruntled and exhausted. I worked many hours and I started to read and watch YouTube videos. I was so angry towards the end of 2008 and was heavily into the Conspiracies that I said to myself I have to strive to be like the late Dr. Wayne Dyer. I watched his PBS specials and bought his book Change Your Thoughts - Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao.

At the time, I felt that I needed to be positive with my life and I knew the direction I needed to take. I started to read and a year later I started to write blogs. I worked on myself making myself stronger. I switched the input I put in my brain. And then I work harder then ever before. The fact is I was trying for an ideal that would never be reachable and then I realized in the middle of life to give up on the ideal and just enjoy life. And this is after a few months. My routine may change, but I am always chasing an ideal that only exists for one moment and it is that euphoria.

Well that euphoria didn't happen when I was on top, it didn't even happen when I was working on my dream. It was at Barnes and Noble because I remembered the past. And thought back to all I had accomplished.

I was always my biggest critic still today. I might have mentioned about corruption in government and business before, but the worst critic has been myself. I realize a good thing about me is I keep accomplishing because I believe their are no limits to what we can accomplish. We limit ourselves to how much we make, but we sell ourselves short. Many feel they have to sell themselves out to make it big. This is not the case. We can slowly build our dreams and then venture out and advertise to spread the word.

Many are afraid of rejection. But all of it doesn't matter when we leave this earth. All that matters is the imprint that we left one another.

We can chase an ideal that will never come or a high, or we can do a routine that will gain appreciation and rediscover the stuff we used to do and enjoy life and love again. While we have that opportunity to be there, we should arrive. Don't throw in the towel no matter how hard it gets. Tomorrow will be a battle and tomorrow will be another one. This is where we really on enjoying our routine and making life better.

Let's make life better.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Monthly Update for March 2017

It has been 4 years since my first Monthly Update. This has been away to inform the reader on where I am going and what my Company will work on. In a way this is an Anniversary in a way. And although I have no upcoming written projects as of right now. The Joseph Evaldi and Company has transformed itself. With a company that was around that fought to find an identity a company name now exists.

I will break this blog down by Giving Year 1 to what will come.

Year 1: March 2013- March 2014
On Year 1, I was learning about Amazon Kindle and I was working on A Soul Warrior's Journey and Apparitions of a Warrior my book of Poetry. I came out with how many ideas that I am not sure what would stick or not at the beginning. I was experimenting and my writing career took off.
I didn't sell all that much, but I learned the process. It was only until Year 2, I started to develop my first big success along the way.
Year 2: March 2014-March 2015
Year 2, I started blogging and then I wrote a few books on the Amazon Kindle one was called Birth Order: How the Roles of Each Sibling are Placed at Birth? This book became a Hot New release when it came out. Although I didn't enjoy this success do to working a hectic day on Black Friday at work. It was my first promotion that I ran and it was a success. I was going onto my banner year which was Year 3.
Year 3: March 2015-March 2016
Year 3 was my banner year, I plugged away with many Kindle books. I started Audiobooks. I succeed and I did good. I had things going good for me. Business wise, Relationship wise, etc. I just kept on plugging away and I kept plugging and kept doing things until I was exhausted. and I was exhausted and I was ready for my worst year, Year 4.
Year 4: March 2016-March 2017
I had some success such as art and writing blogs. But I took hits on a mental, physical, emotional, financial, and other levels. I was going through my growing pains and I took a hit. I had to find an identity or rediscover my identity on what was lost. After losing as much I accomplished a lot. I grew on my health and etc. I fought back at life and went on a rebuilding year which I am in now.
Year 5: March 2017-March 2018 (The Future Year)

Recovery is a hard thing. I have not been posting much lately. I am planning on working again on my craft of writing. There is many things I would like to write after going through what I went through or helping others learn from what I went through. Hopefully a project like this will help people get that fight for life again. A lot collapsed for me last year and a lot was my own making. I was my own worst nightmare and I made my life a living a hell.
It will be soon and in this month that I will be set free again. I have been through hell financially and it has not been easy. I will work harder and I will plug my business with advertising and all my ventures will be funded under the umbrella of the company known as Joseph Evaldi and Company. All writing and art now will be funded by me and I will grow the business and make it stronger and I will make it an asset.
I compare what I am going through to having a video game that is home and you need the money for a video game system, but you don't have the video game system so you can't play that game that you want. It creates a frustrating scenario because you heavily want to play the game, but you can't.
I relate this to my business. I can do many things, but my business is just siting there do to lack of finances. This relates to advertising.
I can advertise and this is my next step once my products are spread by word of mouth it will grow. In the meantime, I will work on my craft of art and make that business grow.
It will take time to grow, but sooner or later the words spoken or art shared will have an impact and I will be happy because everyone will be happy. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Finding Solitude in the Worst Place and Feeling Angry

People in society want you to be peaceful and never vent your frustration. And just because we are not allowed to vent or are taught to vent we pay people to vent for us. This is backwards. So I want to tell you of a life of where I live and what I deal with on a daily basis and the world of where I live in New Jersey and the structures that are in place that cause a person to be an alcoholic, a drug addict, creating violence, a sex addict, or what ever is known in creation and in why we feel like going rogue in a society that has failed us.

I am on prescription drugs just like many trying to get by in this society and trying to live and blogging has been my outlet. It has been a way I deal with stress and with many of us. Any many who are addicted face struggles like me everyday. And we like Stone Cold said, "We will work within the stupid system." And we have done that."

Where before in the olden days, you could work and do your job, now you can get fined or put in jail if you screw up and this pressure gets to you after awhile especially if you do counseling because it is a matter of life or dead everyday. All the counselors could understand this stress. But it's not just counselors, it's the cop that had seen so much that they just give up after awhile, it's the convinence store worker who gives up after awhile and breaks down because any night a gun could be pulled on them because they are out of money and need to survive another day to survive. This is the reality and now there are infinite amount of trainings to get a job done in a short period of time. It is no wonder why many people like me are going to the weekend to the bar with friends if we are not in a relationship because life is so demanding that I live in New Jersey and it is the roughest and toughest state to live I think. It is so expensive to live and I survive on a part time job. It is not easy. And people wonder why I broke down and were concerned for me when I broke down last year. When I was trying to care for many people everyday, who was there for me when it was 4 in the morning and I was going out of my mind because I was having a nervous breakdown and I faced the risk of getting into every temptation. If it wasn't for one person at night helping me at a dinner and if it wasn't for one person who helped counsel me when I was down and I got by he took time to talk to me. He is no longer at the Menlo Park Diner from management issues and people who read this blog will know his name he is somewhere else and another waitress there had helped me to.

They were broken like me and we all are. We all try to make it and we face our addiction and problem daily and we face anxiety.

Anxiety is high now and we all face it. And we face a world where if we don't have a spiritual cause or meaning to survive whatever it is we fall and even the darkside needs to be understood. Because this society has more rules that Moses is going crazy in his grave because the amount of rules are driving him crazy. As all of us.

I think it's time to simplify things in society and breaking things down. We are just zoning out and are passing our day away because we constantly go to war every day and because we all don't vent someone vents for us and they kill.

Instead of complicated things more in society with the problems we have lets uncomplicated it. And if you don't know this The Homeland Security chart was and Organizational mess before until they attempted to simplify things. But One person now is carrying how many hats that when one falls they all fall and we have people like ISIS getting pissed off at the world doing what they do and our way of life.

I'm not for ISIS's way of life and I don't condone what they do, but us people in the US are becoming ISIS and we are creating it. In the 80's there was so much violence on TV and in the movies and war was it. and then we said that was wrong and tried to change it. Many views those people take were our views of how we portrayed them. And now they act.

We need to take responsibility for our action and we need to simplify things. I have a library of over 400 books in my room maybe 50 and downstairs. I maybe exaggerating by I have to be good at many different aspects so if my room is a mess because I am having a tough time taking care of it, but I sleep 10 hours a day because I am on medication that knocks away 2 hours of my life every day and I try to function. and I try to do one thing at a time and I do, but we all are switching as Darren Hardy says in life. And we don't have time to do everything and can't carry on from it. This is us all everyday. And this is what happens when our religion has failed us because we can't trust them any more. So more and more people are going through the system and are just being processed. It is scary.

People are just being processed now. There is no human connection. And coworkers try to help one another. But sometimes you have to be willing to create you own army of warriors to handle the problems of society and I am without an army. I need help.

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